Vertical Push Exercises

The Best Vertical Push Exercises You Should Know in 2022

To get amazing sculptured shoulders, you need to have an arsenal of workouts in your bag. Vertical push exercises are some of the most commonly used exercises to work and strengthen your shoulder and back muscles.

To build sculptured and well-defined shoulder muscles, we have put together a list of the best vertical push exercises you should know. So, you can add them to your weight training regime.

We also discuss what are vertical push exercises, as well as some bodyweight exercises you can do at home if you don’t have access to the gym.

– What are vertical push exercises?
– Why are vertical push exercises important?
– Vertical push exercises you should know
– Best bodyweight vertical push exercises.

What Are Vertical Push Exercises?

Vertical push exercises are classed as an exercise that moves weight up in a vertical line in relation to your torso. A good example of a vertical push exercise is the shoulder press or standing overhead shoulder press.

Vertical push exercises are widely used by athletes who need to strengthen their shoulder muscles, as well as the rotator cuff muscles.

However, these forms of exercises are also popular in weight training, as they help to sculpt and define the shoulder muscles more than many other workouts.

What Are Vertical Push Exercises

Why Are Vertical Push Exercises Important?

Vertical push exercises are important for the development of the anterior deltoid, medial deltoid, triceps, and rotator cuff muscles.

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They are also important in overall shoulder health, as the ability to press weight vertically is a sign of a healthy and fully functioning rotator cuff. Because many of these exercises in this article require a near-complete range of motion, they are a good way to monitor how well your rotator cuff functions.

However, if vertical pressing causes you pain in the shoulder joint, you will have some issues you need to address before tackling some of these exercises. In that case, speak to your personal trainer. They can help strengthen the shoulder muscles without any vertical movement, allowing you to slowly progress into some of the exercises.

If vertical pressing causes pain, or you cannot press it vertically over the shoulder joint, you have some issues to address.


Vertical Push Exercises You Need To Know

Below are the most common vertical push exercises. They are also the most popular for strengthening the shoulder muscles and increasing definition. They will also help promote a more healthy and moving rotator cuff muscle.

Overhead Press
The overhead press is performed with a barbell or resistance bands. This exercise is usually performed standing, which means the overhead press works your shoulder muscles, and your lower back and core muscles. This makes the overhead press widely popular for gym enthusiasts wanting to work multiple muscles together.

Dumbbell Overhead Press
Similar to the overhead press, the dumbbell overhead press can be performed either seated or standing. If this exercise is performed seated it will help contract your shoulder muscles more than the lower back and core. Since this exercise uses free weights (dumbbells), it can also help work your stabilizer muscles more than the standard overhead press.

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Arnold Press
Created by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Arnold press is another exercise that is similar to the dumbbell press. However, instead of bringing the dumbbells to the top of the shoulders, you bring them to your chin and then rotate your arms so your palms face inwards.

Push Presses
Push presses are near identical to the overhead press. However, momentum is used more in this exercise which means you can lift heavier weights. This is a good exercise if you are looking to gain bulk in the shoulder region.

Behind The Neck Press
The behind-the-neck press is the same as an overhead press, except the movement is behind the neck. This exercise helps to work the medial deltoid much more than the overhead press. This is an important variation as the medial deltoid is one of the largest and most prominent shoulder muscles.

Other vertical push exercises you should know include:

Bottoms up z press
Landmine press
Military press
– Jammer press
– Push press


Best Bodyweight Vertical Push Exercises

Several great bodyweight vertical push exercises can help you build strength and muscle in the shoulders and triceps, here are some of the best:

Push-ups are a classic bodyweight exercise that works the chest, shoulders, and triceps. To make them more challenging, you can perform them with your feet elevated on a chair or bench.

Dips are another great bodyweight exercise that works the same muscles as push-ups. To make them more challenging, you can elevate your feet on a chair or bench.

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Handstand Push-ups
Handstand push-ups are a great way to build shoulder and tricep strength. If you’re new to this exercise, start by practicing against a wall to get the hang of the movement.

Pike Push-up
The pike push-up is performed with your head facing down and your body in a V-shape. Then instead of lowering your chest to the ground like a normal push-up, You use the bending and straightening of the arms to perform a push-up.

Because of the way this exercise is set up, you are putting more emphasis on your shoulder muscles instead of your chest. If a regular pike push-up is too difficult for you, you can also perform the exercise on your knees.


Final Words

Adding some of the above bodyweight and weight exercises into your training plan can help you develop stronger and more defined shoulder muscles. They can also help you strengthen your rotator cuff which is beneficial if you are lifting weights regularly, or are an athlete that requires a strong rotator cuff (Swimming, Tennis, etc).

Remember, before starting any of these exercises for the first time, make sure you have a personal trainer look over your technique, so you are performing these exercises correctly. That way, you will know that you are targeting the right shoulder and back muscles.

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