Why Cycling is Good for Your Health

Why Cycling Is Good For Your Health – UPDATED 2021

Staying in good health is the goal of many people. However, sometimes finding an enjoyable activity that fits in one’s schedule is difficult to accomplish. Cycling is one of those exercises that increases one’s health and can be very fun. The benefits of cycling are numerous, but some great benefits cycling provides are increased cardiovascular fitness, increased burned calories, and even reduced stress levels.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Probably the greatest benefit cyclists profit from is an increase in cardiovascular fitness level. This benefit can be attributed to a large amount of work cycling places on the muscles in the lower body like the glutes, quadriceps , hamstrings, and calf muscles. When active, these muscles demand a higher amount of nutrients and oxygen. Consequently, the heart and lungs must perform more work to meet these needs. After consistent cycling, one will inevitably experience better stamina and energy than before. In addition, one can dramatically lower his risk of heart disease by engaging in cycling on a regular basis. Other heart-related benefits include healthier cholesterol levels and healthier blood pressure levels. The benefit of cycling is that it accomplishes higher cardiovascular fitness without harming one’s joint like running does.

Why is cycling good for your health?

Burn Calories

Cycling has shown to be an effective way to help individuals lose weight. When attempting to lose weight, the majority of individuals take part in fad diets which typically last less than a year. This is contrary to cycling, which has been shown to have a higher success rate.
Approximately 300 to 600 calories can be burned by cycling each hour depending on the intensity of the exercise. Burning this many calories translates to one losing a pound or two each week. Cycling allows for most of the body’s muscles to activate. In addition to the legs, cycling works the abdominal muscles, back muscles, and other muscles. Since this exercise results in increased muscle in several parts of the body, one’s metabolic rate speeds up as well. Increased metabolic rates result in even more calories burned hours after a cycling session is over. Because indoor bicycles exist as well as outdoor bicycles, one can cycle despite poor weather conditions.

Reduce Stress

In a typical day, the average person experiences plenty of worries and stress. Cycling provides a good way to get rid of this unwanted stress, and exercise has been proven to takes one’s mind off of his troubles and difficulties. Many claim cycling outdoors is a fantastic way to experience fresh air and forget about the craziness of the day. In addition to relieving stress, cycling has been credited with alleviating depression as well as other psychological problems. Hormone balance can be achieved by cycling, too.
Several other health benefits are provided by cycling as well. This is the perfect exercise regardless of current fitness level, age, or coordination. More people are turning to this activity as the exercise of choice. Being both fun and healthy, cycling is one of the best ways to increase cardiovascular fitness, lose weight, and reduce stress.

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