Best running shoes for heel pain

Best running shoes for heel pain

As a runner, you would always want to be fit with no injury all year round. Yes, we all wish we could but there are some injuries that we might not be able to run away from. An injury such as the heel spur or pain, especially for runners who land on their heels first. Now, if this tag along, would you stop running or look for something to help you through the situation? The best advice is to look for a solution to the heel pain.

Wondering what you can do to ensure you continue to run? Go for the best running shoes for heel pain. You don’t need to search far as this article would be revealing to you the best running shoes for heel spur. We would also provide you with some important information about heel pain. So, sit back and read on!


What are heel Spurs?

It is a foot problem that is common to almost all runners. Heel spurs is a situation where you feel pain behind the heel or under the heel. The bone of the heel undergoes a pointed bony outgrowth. Most of the time, they start in the front of your heel and later affect some other parts of your foot.


There are a lot of causes of heel pain. Some of the common ones are:
– Shoes that are not well fitted, do not support your foot or worn-out shoes
– Repetitive stress from jumping, walking or running on hard or rough surfaces
– Arthritis, walking gait issues and bruising of the heel
– Plantar Fasciitis
– When the body weight is excessive and much more

The heel spurs do not just appear after a sports event or workout. They develop gradually with time. So, you need to pay attention to its symptoms.

If inflammation occurs when the spur begins to grow, you would experience a chronic pain. Once you notice this then you should know, you would need the best running shoe for heel spurs.


Pick The Perfect Shoe For Heel Spurs The Right Way

When it comes to picking the perfect shoe for you, it might sometimes be a headache. You don’t need to stress your brain anymore. There are some factors you would need to consider when picking the best shoe for your heel pain.
The price- have you ever wondered why this should come first? Remember, you don’t have to break the bank before making yourself comfortable. Look at your budget, research on the shoes having their price within your budget and go for it. There are wide varieties of running shoes you can pick from and they all come at different prices.

However, there is nothing as pleasing and amazing as going for a shoe with a high quality. The best sometimes come with a high price. Even though a high-quality product might come at a higher price, not all shoes that are pricey are of high quality.


The fit– we all have different feet size and they are biochemically complex. So it is important that you put your arc shape, foot volume, and arc length into consideration. Take a look at different brands and select the one offering the best running shoe for your condition. Not too tight and not too big, you are good to go.

The supportive heel counter– must be firm. You need the one that would be able to provide your heel with a rigid support. It would reduce the pressure on the heel bone making you more comfortable.

Cushioning– it must be excellent. When considering this, pay attention to your body weight and height. It should be able to handle the more shock than the one produced by your body weight. Do you want running shoe with gel cushioning, air cushioning, or foam cushioning? The choice is yours.


Additionally, some of the other factors you need when buying the best running shoes for heel pain:
– Materials and breathability
– Durability and flexibility
– Traction and sole design
– Stability and lightweight options


You should support your midfoot, forefoot, and heel area with the best shoes for heel spurs. The plantar fascia tissue connects the toe to the heel and every part of your foot plays a major role in its movement and function. Now imagine what would happen to your heel if any small part of your foot is not well supported.

Keep the feet healthy by putting on the best shoes for heel pains. Run or walk with confidence and forget the pain.