Top 7 Cycling Routes In The World

Top 7 Cycling Routes In The World

Cycling or bike riding has been a very famous physical activity done by many. It is accessible for all and has provided multiple benefits to those that dabble in it.

In this article, a brief overview of scenic routes or roads you can bike ride or cycle in is discussed. You’ll also learn a few other tips and references to help you improve your bike ride experience.
Top 7 Bike Rides and Cycling Routes in the World
If you are living near them or are planning to bike ride through one of these routes, you will surely have a ride to remember.

In your pre-planned itinerary or perhaps your bucket list for future bike sessions, including the scenic and breathtaking routes below will help you enjoy it until the very end.


1. Swiss Epic – Graubünden, Switzerland

If you feel like riding alongside majestic mountains and into a trail that passes through a pine forest with high-Alpine ridges, then this route is for you. You can ride this 10,000-mile trail in total at your own pace.

Also, you can ride your bike beside the cold mountain streams of the ski towns of St. Moritz and Davos in Switzerland’s southeastern part. Certainly, playing some poker at Ignition Casino is a great pastime for you to do while resting before finishing the route.

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2. Alto de Arrate – Basque Country, Spain

Say “Hola!” to this well-known bike-riding route with many generations of cyclists visiting it. In fact, it has alternating views of beaches, mountains and Spain’s countryside scenery you will enjoy.

This route will take you on a two-mile journey in Vuelta a Espana and the lush Basque Country. The next time you visit Spain, be sure to put bike riding through this route on your list.


3. Shimanami Kaido – Japan

This route will take you slithering and riding smoothly like a snake across the small series of islands in the Hiroshima area, west of Japan. It is also the safest as the bike trail is away from cars.

You may even bring along your furry friend or your child and loved ones without worry since the scenery here displays perfect co-existing relationships for bikers and car commuters.


4. The Whole Enchilada – Moab Utah

A 35-mile, 8,000 vertical foot descent is what you can expect in the Moab, Utah singletrack trail. With various starting points, the so-called Whole Enchilada trail officially begins in the La Sal Mountains.

Finishing the trail is with the Colorado River’s stunning view and calming state. There are also 3 distinct ecosystems you will be passing through, which is a given bonus for your riding experience.


5. Friendship Highway – China

The name of this route may be ironic because it is structured as the Friendship Highway in China is not for everyone. This route includes road passes to Gyatso La mountain pass near Mt. Everest.

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It is 500 miles between Tibetan City and the Nepalese border, with a challenging trail. Your ride will be the most beautiful and accomplished once you finish it if you try and explore this bike route.


6. Death Road – Bolivia

If you are up for a more extreme and daring adventure, the Death Road in Bolivia is the bike route you need to try. It is considered the most dangerous bike path in the world.

This needs precise and accurate maneuvering of your bicycle to avoid the steep spaces and cliff edges with no barriers. A view of verdant Yungas, a region of Bolivia, can be witnessed while riding.


7. Tai Mo Shan Downhill – Hong Kong

For a Downhill mountain bike trail, this route found in Hong Kong can be your best bet. It has 18 miles of trails from the Tai Mo Shan Country Park to Tai Lam Chung Reservoir up to Gold Coast.

You may have a bit of a challenge taking this route as it is with steeps, berms, and rock gardens to pass through. Also, you will need a companion as the climb, in the end, is big and needs support.


What Makes a Good Bike Riding and Cycling Experience

Before you indulge in bike riding or cycling activity, it is good to know simple reminders to make a better riding experience for you. This way, you can enjoy it fully with loved ones or yourself.

Here are a few important tips you need to consider to have a safer, well-planned, and great overall experience in cycling or bike riding:

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– Set your seat right and wheels tight
– Maintain your mindset and do your physical workout for the activity planned
– Check your pedals, breaks, and air for wheels
– Equip yourself properly with gear, cycling tips, and energy drinks or snacks
– Carry an immediate emergency kit
– Plan your itinerary and include scenic routes with it



Before you try to explore these scenic routes or even try to discover new ones, always plan and prepare for all possible encounters. Your ride and bicycle must be safe at all times and be properly equipped for a better appreciation of the route you are on a journey with.

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