Physical Activities To Do If You Have A Big Dog

4 Fun Physical Activities To Do If You Have A Big Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend. In the past, they’ve accompanied people to hunt animals and guard various livestock. Today, they play a role in assisting the blind and accompanying police officers. They have also become a pet that can offer emotional support and love. They can also be ideal for providing fun. And so, if you have such a pet in your home, you may be aware that it’s enjoyable to join them in having some fun physical activities.

Yet, you may be wondering how having fun physical activities can benefit them. First of all, it’s it can reduce the chance of obesity, an issue that can happen to any dog. Second, fun physical activities like running can do wonders for their mental health as they can get a brain chemical called endorphins, making them more energetic and happier. Third, they can socialize with other dogs, making them less anxious.

Altogether, if you own a large dog, you may be thinking of what physical activity to incorporate. To guide you, here are four fun physical activities to do with your large dog:


1. Bikejoring

Bikejoring is a type of sports activity in which a bike is pulled forward by one or more dogs found at the front. It’s often done through a well-fitted harness that attaches the dog to the bike. Sled dog racers initiated this by allowing their dogs to pull the sled’s musher.
Bikejoring starts by having the right gear. Some of the primary equipment and gear you and your dog should have include:

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– Mountain Bike
– Long-Length Bungee Leash
– A Well-Fitted Harness Designed for Bikejoring

If you don’t have a mountain bike, this puts another expense on your budget. Yet, if you have one, ensure the brakes are working correctly and check if your bike has a strong frame. Doing this step is vital, especially if you have a strong dog or a group of dogs.

It’s also crucial to determine which dogs are suited for such activity. Some examples of large dogs that do well with mushing are:

– Siberian Huskies
– Euro Hounds
– Labrador Retrievers
– Standard Poodles

Bikejoring is a fun physical activity that requires proper knowledge and preparation to ensure your and your dog’s safety. If you want to learn more about dog bikejoring, you can read an article from Neewa Dogs or other sources online.



Interactive games such as fetch can be great for spending time with your large dog, yet they can become dull over time. As such, other activities like frisbee can be a good alternative for having some exercise and fun.

To start, you must first prepare your dog before it goes on playing frisbee. For instance, allow your dog to get at ease with the disc by making it their water bowl or food. This method is effective for adult dogs. It enables the dog to have a positive connotation of the frisbee. Similarly, gradually exchange the disc for another toy that your dog loves. This contributes to the familiarity of your pet with the frisbee.

After getting your dog ready for frisbee, you must guide them to perform some basic skills. For example, you can teach them how to fetch the disc and return it to you. If you’re wondering how to make this possible, here are three simple steps to follow:

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– Signal a tug and allow them to tug the frisbee slightly.
– Throw another frisbee to receive a give-or-drop from your pet.
– Repeat these two steps.

Practicing these basic steps will help prepare your large dog to play frisbee in the park.

Activities To Do If You Have A Big Dog

3. Running

Many studies prove how running benefits your health. For one, running helps to make you more fit and build your stamina. As running is excellent for you, many runners wonder if they can run with their dogs. The answer is a solid yes, you can run with your dog, and it’s a fun physical activity that you can do with them.

Just remember that it’s best to bring your large dog to a veterinarian to examine if they’re fit to run. It might have underlying health issues that may worsen with this activity. Some health problems that can impede them from running are obesity, bronchitis, arthritis, and other problems with the immune system. If the veterinarian reveals one of these issues to you, it’s crucial to treat it immediately to continue the activity.

Nevertheless, if your large dog is capable of running, what follows is to train them. For one, your dog must know how to walk correctly on a leash. Moreover, you must teach them to adhere to basic commands, such as understanding the words sit, no, stay, come, etc. Doing this step is crucial as the activity can become more challenging if your dog pulls you. Moreover, it’s vital, especially if you’re running on a trail.


4. Hiking

If hiking interests you and you own one or more large dogs, traversing some trails with them can be ideal. A large dog can be suitable to accompany you in some outdoor activities and is always eager and prepared to go with you on a trail.

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Before hiking, your dog must be safe when you go with them on a trail. This is crucial as you don’t want anything wrong to happen to them. But how will you start with this? For one, you must always bring water. It’s vital to do this as they don’t sweat and are only capable of panting to keep themselves less warm. Yet, such characteristics make them more vulnerable to overheating, and you must allow them to drink water to avoid this.

Another way to keep them safe is to keep them free from ticks and fleas. You must have some veterinary preventive medications designed to remove these parasites. In addition, having some post-hike dog baths or grooming will ensure that your dog will remain free from external invaders like the two mentioned above.

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