Run Walk Method

The Run Walk Method – What is it? Updated 2022

If you are new to running, you may have tried to struggle through a month of non-stop running without success. motivation, muscle soreness, and other things are a reason why many beginners don’t make it past a month of running.

Luckily, if you are new to running and looking to improve your fitness and keep your motivation up, there is another way instead of suffering through each run. This is called the run-walk method.

The run-walk method is used by coaches and people that are new to running. This helps the body adjust to the rigors of running, which helps to prevent fatigue, injury, and burnout.

It is a simple way to prevent loss of motivation and a great way to allow the tendons, bones, and lungs to adapt to this form of exercise.

So, if you are looking to start running safely in a way that allows your body to adapt, keep reading on.

What is the Run Walk Method?

The run-walk method is a simple way of combing running and walking in a predetermined length of time. The purpose of this is to help reduce stress on the muscles, tendons, bones, and heart when first starting out.

While the run-walk method is mostly focused on runners starting out. It is also widely used by professional runners after a serious injury.

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However, some runners refer to this method of running and walking as the jeff galloway method. This is because he was one who pioneered this method. But generally, most run-walk methods follow the same principles. The only thing that changes is the run-walk ratio of each method.

For example, a person looking to run their first 5km from scratch may start a run-walk program consisting of 2 minutes walking followed by 2 minutes running. They would then slowly increase the amount of running until they reach a certain overall time. After that, they would slowly reduce the amount of walking until they are running non-stop.

It is important to know that there is no right or wrong run-walk method. The amount of time spent walking or running at the start of your journey will largely depend on your fitness, body, and motivation. Hence why it is often used by coaches looking after newbie runners, as it can be customized to each individual.

Run-Walk Method for Beginners

Run-Walk Method for Beginners – A Complete Guide

The run-walk method is one of the best ways to get newbies into the sport of running. This is because it allows them to build their cardiovascular and muscular fitness safely for longer periods of time without trying to push themselves beyond their means.

This approach to training can also help them transition to becoming regular runners or help them build up to a 5km, 10km, or even half marathon.

A well-planned training program that consists of walking and running can help decrease the chances of discomfort, injury, or even loss of motivation.

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However, it’s not just beginner runners that can benefit from this method of training. Professional and elite runners can also benefit from the run-walk method. This form of training is often used by these types of athletes that are coming back from a serious injury. This helps athletes of this caliber to return to their former fitness levels in a safe way, without causing the injury to return.

Run Walk Intervals – What Are they?

You may have heard of run-walk intervals as well as the run-walk method. However, both a similar in the way they work. Both forms of training require periods of running and walking. They are then combined to structure the workout together.

Even though they are similar, there is a slight difference. The run-walk method is often focused on beginner runners, or runners returning to injury. The run-walk interval method is used for athletes that may want to combine interval training with their running, or trying to push their running distances further.

Does the Run Walk Run Method Work?

Thousands of runners have benefited from the run-walk method. It is one of the best ways to cover your distance without pushing yourself to the limit. It then allows you to increase your running until you are comfortable covering that distance.

Other than that, the run-walk method has helped many more people stay injury-free while building up their running volume. Not only that, but it also helps them to keep their motivation up to train, as it doesn’t push them to their limits on each run.

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Run/Walk Method to Lose Weight – Does it Work?

Now you might be wondering if the run/walk method works for losing weight.

Generally, most beginners starting out may see a small amount of weight loss in the beginning. However, once you remove the walking you are more likely to lose more weight as you increase the running. This is largely improved by the increase in heart rate and body movement. However, in the beginning, this is not possible, unless you increase the overall run/walk ratio of each session.

Either way, if your goal is to lose weight from running, it will take some time. The run/walk method is not designed to promote weight loss. Rather help the body adjust to the rigors of running and the impact the body needs to take.

So, if you are starting out, don’t expect to see great weight loss results until you remove the walking sections of the workout.

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