Free Weight Exercises

Sculpt Your Arms At Home With These Free Weight Exercises

Do you want to sculpt your arm muscles in the comfort of your own home without paying for gym equipment? Free weights such as dumbbells and barbells are an effective way of building and defining your arms that can be done safely and conveniently from the privacy of your own house.​ The use of weights helps increase strength, tone muscle and prevent injury, and is ideal for anyone looking for an accessible way to bulk up.​

Benefits of Using Free Weights

Using free weights can be an invaluable part of an exercise routine – not only do free weights provide an effective way to build muscle, but they can be easily adapted to suit any level of fitness, and are cheaper than gym machines.​ Unlike machines, free weights enable you to use the full range of motion, since the weight isn’t fixed in one direction.​

Free weights are often the preferred choice of serious bodybuilders and athletes, as they help build a balanced symmetrical physique, whereas machine weights can encourage muscular imbalances.​ Free weights also promote grip and forearm strength that is essential in activities such as golf and tennis, as well as everyday lifting and carrying.​


Triceps Kickbacks

The triceps kickback is a powerful exercise aimed at targeting the triceps, using a pair of dumbbells or a resistance band.​ Begin in a split stance with one foot slightly behind you and the other in front for balance, then9 lower your upper body forward with a slightly rounded back.​ Next, lift one arm slowly up, until your elbow is bent and the dumbbell is directly over your shoulder.​ From there, extend your arm outwards until the arm is straight and engaged, then lower it slowly back to the starting position.​ This exercise strengthens and tones the triceps, improving definition in the arms.​

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Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are a classic exercise for toning the biceps, and can be done with either a pair of dumbbells or the same weight barbell (in the fashion of an Olympic weight).​ Start the exercise by standing up straight with your feet about shoulder width apart.​ Then, lift the barbell up with both hands – palms facing upwards – and bring it up towards your shoulders.​ Keep your elbows close to your torso as you do the exercise.​ Finally, lower the weight carefully down and repeat.​

By alternating arms and engaging your core muscles, you can benefit even more from the exercise.​ This move more efficiently contracts the bicep muscles, engaging larger sections of muscle fiber and increasing strength and definition.​


Seated Shoulder Press

The seated shoulder press is a great exercise for sculpting the shoulders.​ Begin by sitting down with your feet planted firmly on the ground.​ Lift the dumbbells up to your shoulders, and while keeping your core engaged and without arching your back, press the weights up until your arms are extended.​ Hold for a second and then lower the weights slowly back to the starting position, then repeat.​ This exercise increases shoulder strength and definition to make them look bigger and defined.​


Conclusion – Free Weight Exercises

Free weights are an excellent way to tone and build muscle mass at home without having to pay for gym equipment.​ Through simple exercises biceps curls, triceps kickbacks and seated shoulder press you can get the sculpted arms you’ve always wanted.​ With correct form and a focus on core stability, these exercises can provide numerous strength and balance benefits that can be helpful in everyday activities.​

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