Nipple Chafing Running

How To Prevent Nipple Chafing When Running? A Complete Guide

Chafed nipples during or after running can be extremely painful. It’s a common problem with many runners today, but what causes nipple chafing? And how to prevent nipple chafing when running?

It is a common question asked by thousands of runners around the world. And today with some simple reading you will just be able to solve that problem.

Nipple Chafing When Running – What You Should Know?

Nipple chafing when running often starts out as a burning sensation., then the stinging feeling that often leads to bleeding and pain comes. No matter if you are walking or running, your nipples are often subject to friction from your clothing. This friction usually happens when your nipples rub against the fabric of your running top or bra.

When you are running, the sweat and water soften the skin, which allows the tearing of the skin to happen much easier. Add this with the sweat that has crystallized and suddenly your in for some almighty pain.

Over the course of a race or long workout, the nipple area can be rubbed to the point of bleeding. This is more likely to happen during longer runs or workouts in warmer weather.

Chafing and irritation of the nipples happen when the runner is wearing a cotton singlet or shirt. Cotton, in general, is not a texture that wicks away sweat as well as the synthetic running top. Often these tops hold water and sweat that drag the material over the nipples when running causing the added weight to rub over the nipples with every stride.

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While every runner is different, nipple chafing symptoms are the same. Most runners often experience these symptoms when subject to chafing.

– Irritation
– Pain
– Soreness
– Cracking of skin
– Inflammation
– Bleeding

Because women are less likely to wear cotton next to bare skin, they are less likely to be affected, this is mainly because of the tight-fitting sports bra they wear. So the added support and sport wicking material often prevents chafing from happening. But even though it might prevent chafing, there are often other areas that become more prone, such as areas below the breast line.

How To Prevent Nipple Chafing When Running

How To Prevent Nipple Chafing When Running?

If you subject to constant chafing, you are probably wondering how to prevent nipple chafing while running? First, you need to experiment a bit, what works for you might not work for others.

The first solution to preventing nipping chafing is to check the clothing you are wearing. Often cotton is the most common cause of chafing, so ditch the cotton top and look for something made from Dri-Fit, Coolmax, or other sports material. Make sure the layer that is closest to the body is made from these smooth materials and do the job of wicking away sweat from the body. Remember to try to avoid any materials that feel scratchy or rough to the skin.

If you are already running in one of these materials, try to generously add lubricant around the nipple area. Lubricants such as body glide, or Assos Chamois Cream can help create a barrier between your top and your skin.

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The last resort of prevention if you haven’t fixed the issue of chafing, is by using sports tap, Nip Guards or Nipeaze. While they both provide the best barrier between your clothing and skin, they often don’t stick well after you stop sweating.

You can find products from these manufactures below.

What To Put On Chafed Nipples

What To Put On & Treat Chafed Nipples?

If you are one of the unlucky ones that deal with chafing on most runs you are probably questioning what to put on chafed nipples after running. There are many remedies available today, from anti-chafing cream to steroid creams and the most common, natural healing. But if you’re dealing with some major chafing, steroid cream such as hydrocortisone is your best bet.
Hydrocortisone cream can help reduce swollen and inflamed nipples from running chafing. But if you managed to crack the skin, you may need antibiotic cream instead.

Once you have applied the cream make sure you cover them while they heal. This also helps to prevent further chafing from happening in the future.

Knowing how to treat chafed nipples quickly and efficiently will help you get back to logging those miles, this time without the pain and bleeding!

Chafing Nipples Exercise

While there aren’t any Chafing nipple exercises that we know of, the most known exercise is to get out and run. Often times the body and skin develop to be stronger thus in the long term preventing nipple chafing. While this is not recommended, the more you run will see the skin and nipple become firmer to the point that any clothing you wear would have trouble breaking the skin.


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