Jan Frodeno Training, Diet & Nutrition – A Complete Guide

The “Man of Iron” Jan Frodeno is a world-class performing triathlete from Germany. He won a gold medal in the Summer Olympics of 2008 held in Beijing. He also won the Ironman World Championship 3 times in 2015, 2016 and 2019.

Today, we are looking at the training schedule, diet plan and the nutrition that makes Jan Frodeno one of the most successful triathletes of all time.

Jan Frodeno Nutrition

Jan Frodeno Training Plan & Regimen

Jan Frodeno trains at least 35 hours per week and is one of the fittest people on the planet. In an interview, he revealed that his standard training week involves 35 hours of training, coupled with 12 hours of physio sessions.

He keeps his training schedule balanced between swimming, biking and running. Hence, his training hours every week consist of the following sessions:

Swimming – 25 km
Cycling – 400 km
Running – 120 km

He spreads his sessions in a way that it covers 2 quality swim and bike sessions, as well as 3 hard run sets complemented by a brick session. Since all of these are high-intensity training, he mixes them up with a huge volume of low-intensity aerobic training. This not only speeds up recovery, but also builds an aerobic base.

Jan Frodeno swears by pilates and says if he had only one tip to give to athletes, it would be to develop a stronger core. Another great tip he reveals is that his long-distance running improved through a combination of muscular control and improved posture.

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Fredeno also points out that even though consistency is the key, there is no use of thrashing yourself to produce great performance. This will leave you tired and unable to train the following days. He rather roots for training consistently within your own limits. He also states that being injury-free is super important for him, especially when he is competing for the Ironman. To stay injury-free even after heavy workouts, he works with a full-time physio to keep him in supple condition.

His training is coached by the German National team coach, Dan Lorang who keeps an eye on his workouts from a distance. Frodeno’s training sessions are logged into an online system which is monitored by Dan who catches up with him once a week via phone or email.

Frodeno Vegan Diet

Jan Frodeno Nutrition

Jan Frodeno follows a pretty unglamorous diet pattern for a man who has won the world Ironman championship multiple times. He does not restrict his calorie intake in order to get super lightweight and improve his running speed. Instead, he relies on a pretty normal diet composed of whole foods – he’s never on a super strict or super complicated diet, just non-processed, whole foods.

He sticks to a well-balanced diet and sources his nutrients and calories from various foods. He keeps rice as his main source of carbohydrates. Apart from the usual pre-race pasta tradition, he consumes a rice meal the night before the race. In his interviews, he has confessed that his favorite source of carbohydrates is rice. Apart from that, Jan Frodeno has been quoted saying-

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“I always eat a slab of chocolate the night before a big race.”

Jan Frodeno Smoothie Recipe

Fredeno is a huge fan of smoothies that include a healthy combination of fruits and dairy. Smoothies are a great way to keep his body temperature down after a vigorous workout. His favorite smoothie contains equal parts of-

– Banana
– Protein powder
– Raw milk
– Peanut butter, and
– Macca powder

This smoothie recipe is a great mix of carbohydrates in which he derives protein from milk and protein powder and healthy fats from the peanut butter. Macca powder is an essential superfood which contains antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins, plant sterols, essential minerals and amino acids.

Jan Frodeno Race Diet Plan

During a big race, he generally follows a grain free diet which is still very well-balanced with loads of healthy fats. He also attests to a plain meal the night before the race.

Pre-Race: Apart from pre-race pasta, Jan Frodeno takes energy powder as a pre-race routine. Just before heading into the water, he takes energy gels and while he is on the bike he mixes the energy gel with green tea powder.

Nutrition Box: He keeps around 2 packages of energy gummies in his nutrition box. During a bike leg, he says that he refills himself with whatever liquid he gets his hands on, which is mostly water.

On The Run: When he is on the run, there are about 6 aid stations filled with his preferred nutrition. At each of these, he grabs a bottle of cold water which contains an energy gel attached to it.

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Post Race: Once he reaches the finish line, his physio awaits him there with a bottle of chocolate-flavoured protein powder.

Jan Frodeno Net Worth

Jan Frodeno Vegan Diet

After his second win at Ironman Hawaii 2016, Jan Frodeno went leaner and he credits his weight loss to his vegetarian, meatless diet. He says that the reason behind going vegetarian was his love for the sport.

He encountered someone who tested positive for clenbuterol from tainted meat. As a professional athlete, he believed in keeping this sport as clean as possible and taking the risk of testing positive was not a risk he was willing to take. That’s why he stuck to a vegan diet and by the end of the year lost some weight too.

Jan Frodeno Net Worth – UPDATED 2020

Jan Frodeno’s net worth has seen a consistent rise since the year 2017. His major income source comes mostly from him being a successful Triathlete. Jan Frodeno’s net worth in the year 2020 has been estimated to be $5 Million at 37 years of age.

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