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Patrick Lange Training, Diet & Results – UPDATED 2021

Being the 2017 and 2018 Ironman World Champion, Patrick Lange is famous for his breakthrough performance. The German triathlete has had an extraordinary journey to Ironman greatness. He has been admired for his success, progress, and courage over the Ironman distance.

One of the biggest shows in triathlon is to see Lange run and break multiple Hawaii records in the process. In this post, we discuss Patrick Lange and his diet, training and his results to help you learn more about the triathlete.

Patrick Lange Training Regimen – A Complete Guide

After Hawaii, Patrick indulges in light training sessions to allow the body to regenerate back to normal levels. At the beginning of the year, he is not in peak fitness since most of his races take place in the latter part of the year. He prefers low intensity for most training sessions and overall low volume after these events.
Most of his bike training in-season takes place outdoors in Germany but can be seen using an indoor trainer throughout the winter months. On the contrary, his running practice is always outside.
Off-season training includes strength training and he is often seen spending time in the gym working on his imbalances.

Here is a sample of an off-season training session he does in winter, a short yet intense turbo session:

– Warm-up – 15 min
– Base – 10 min
– Easy spinning for 30 sec x 10 at threshold power with a rest of 30 sec in between
– Recovery – 5 min
– Easy spinning for 30 sec x 10 at threshold power with a rest of 30 sec in between
– Cooldown – 10 min

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This quick and easy training not only activates his cycling muscles but makes sure it is always possible as it is indoors.

Lange bike training

Patrick Lange Diet & Nutrition

Apart from winning, Patrick Lange is popular for his vegetarianism and nutrition. He says meat stays longer in the digestive system and he follows a vegetarian diet that is suited to his training. Eating properly is important to be able to train so much, and not to lose muscle mass and weight. That’s why he eats a lot of pizza and pasta to make sure he gets enough carbs into the system for the energy he requires.

His fiancée Julia is a health expert and suggests sticking to his own diet and eat whatever keeps fueling the body. Lange sees that he gets enough protein, folic acid, and iron but takes numerous supplements to help with recovery. He also checks his blood levels every few months to make sure all the macronutrients are at the right levels.
Patrick Lange shares that his body turned more robust when he turned vegetarian and his recovery time decreased as he shifted to eating vegetarian. A typical vegetarian diet consists of plants and eggs and it is important to consume rich plant protein sources to fill the protein requirements of the athlete. Lange always adds protein to his meals to make them complete.

He says it is important that the body gets the right fuel and is essential in allowing the body to perform at its best. He listens to what the body needs and takes enough carbs to keep up the calorie requirements and is hardly seen eating low-carb food.

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During the race, Lange takes 1.5 g of carbs per hour per kg of body weight. After the race, he eats whatever he feels like and on a daily basis, he gets his protein from eggs, cheese, and dairy. He drinks between 1.5-2 liters of water on low training days and increases this when the training is harder.

Patrick Lange Marathon Time

Patrick Lange Marathon Time & Results

Hawaii hosts the Ironman World Championships every year in Kailua-Kona and Patrick Lange has won both the 2017 and 2018 events, setting a course record in the process. During the 2017 edition, he took the course record previously held by Craig Alexander, finishing in 8 hours, 1 minute and 40 seconds.

In 2018, Patrick Lange became the first athlete in history to finish the 140.6 mile course under eight hours, with a time of 7 hours, 52 minutes, 39 seconds. He not only won the championship for the second time but defended his title in the process. During this, he also managed to beat his own time from the previous year’s marathon.

The Ironman World Championship serves as an idyllic location for a really tough sporting event. Athletes start with a swim of 2.4 miles before setting off on a bike ride of 112 miles. After finishing this, athletes swap the bike for running shoes and start the marathon for the next 26.2 miles. Though Lange had finished with a record-setting time, he did not have the best start. He was behind in the swim but had to make up the time on the bike to stay in contention.

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Patrick Lange has numerous other victories such as Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship and also set a new course record in 3 hours, 49 minutes, 9 seconds in the process. In 2018, he secured third place in the Mainova Ironman European Championship Frankfurt as well.

Patrick Lange Net Worth

Patrick Lange Net Worth & Sponsorships

Patrick Lange is one of the richest triathletes in Germany. According to sources, Patrick Lange’s net worth is estimated at between 3-5 million in 2020. Most of his net worth has been accumulated from his career as a professional triathlete. The 32-year triathlete has attracted sponsors like Oakley, Erdinger, New Balance, and Canyon to his portfolio.
After his 2017 Ironman victory, Lange increased his advertising revenues considerably bringing on firm Ibrakom and soy company Berief.

Canyon provides his bicycles and Erdinger Alkoholfrei became his main sponsor. His other sponsors include companies Mainova, Ekoi, Cobb Cycling, New Balance, Ceramic Speed, Fusion, and Oakley. Providing him a large and diverse group of sponsors.

Magazines have been seen publishing Lange’s success and race reports after his two Hawaii wins. Because of this Patrick Lange has acquired more sponsorship’s with big names like Mercedes.
He has also been sponsored by Bahrain Endurance. The team supports athletes with a base salary and bonuses for their outstanding performance. His partnerships, advertising, and sponsorship’s earn him a huge amount every year, adding to his current net worth.

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