Dumbbell Split Clean

How To Do A Dumbbell Split Clean – Exercise Guide

Made famous through CrossFit, the dumbbell split clean is a great way to develop explosive power, leg strength, and upper and lower body stability.

However, it is not recommended for beginners, so if this is the first time your hearing about the dumbbell Split clean, reach out to a personal trainer. They can help you master the correct technique for this exercise. Alternatively, this article may help you perform the exercise with the right technique and execution.

In this article, we show you:

– What is a dumbbell split clean
– How to do a dumbbell split clean
– How it can benefit you
– What you need to do the exercise

What Is A Dumbbell Split Clean?

The dumbbell split clean is not a well known exercise. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beneficial to the gym enthusiast.

The dumbbell split clean is a full body exercise that targets the muscles in the legs, core and upper body.

It is widely used by athletes that need to develop strength and speed. It is also useful for others that need a workout that can work the whole body.


What Do You Need?

To perform this exercise, you only need a set of lightweight dumbbells to begin. However, if you are a beginner it is widely recommended that you start without weights. This will allow you to control the split and learn proper technique before adding more resistance.

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As you get more comfortable with the exercise, you can start adding heavier weights to the workout. However, the weight should be increased over time as you body adapts to the movements.


How To Do A Dumbbell Split Clean?

To do a dumbbell split clean without weights, start by:

1.Standing up straight with your hands next to you sides
2. Place your feet shoulder width apart
3. Slowly bend forward at the waist and bend the knees slightly.
4. Jump into the air and laid split legged (like a lunge)
6. Your front foot should be flat and the rear foot should land on the toes.
5. You arms should land in a hammer position with bent elbows (around 45degrees).
5. Go back to the starting position and repeat.

It is important when doing this exercise that the movement is quick. Because this exercise is technical, start without weights. Once you have mastered the movement start by adding a few kilograms of weight and increase it from there.


Whats Are The Benefits of A Dumbbell Split Clean?

Even through the dumbbell split clean is a difficult exercise to do, there are many benefits it can provide. These include:

– Increasing leg speed
– Improving lower body and upper body power
– Stability of the lower and upper body
– Helps to strengthen the arm and upper back muscles.
– Helps to strengthen the quadricep and glute muscles.

If you currently struggle from knee issues from running or lifting weights, this exercise is not recommended. However, it can help a runner or cyclist that wants to strengthen their lower legs, knees and glutes. It can also help work the core, which is an important part of these sports.

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If you are still unable to perform this exercise with the correct technique, reach out to a personal trainer. They can help take you through the exercise, so you can perform it properly.

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