How Jeffing Can Help Your Running in 2022 – UPDATED

Jeffing is a term that has been around for some years, and the “Jeffing” training approach has helped thousands of runners improve their times over a range of distances.

So What is Jeffing? In this article, we look at the running technique founded by Olympian Jeff Galloway.

What is Jeffing?

Jeffing is a run/walk method where you break down your run into running and walking intervals. Each interval can be split by time or distance. For example, running 400m, walking 400m, running 400m, repeat. Or by time (running 60 seconds, walking 60 seconds, repeat).

Any level of runner can use the Jeffing method, both in training and racing. Generally, the intervals don’t need to be set in advance, and the key is not to run to exhaustion. The goal is to walk and run in equal measures and to find the balance between running and walking.

The general goal of Jeffing is to utilize the run/walk method to conserve energy and prevent your heart rate from rising too high too early.

The Jeffing technique is named after Jeff Galloway. Galloway is an American Olympic runner who focused on the 10,000m discipline. He also won the Honolulu Marathon with a 2:23:02 in 1974.

How do I do Jeffing?

How do I do Jeffing?

To start using the running technique Jeffing, you must first find out your magic mile. Your magic mile time is used to predict what you can run over other distances.

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Once you have worked out your baseline mile pace from the Magic Mile, you can use Jeff Galloway’s running calculator to work out the exact run/walk ratio. Alternatively, you can use trial and error to find out the best run/walk ratio for you.

Jeffing can be utilized over any interval range. For example, beginners may begin by walking 60 seconds and then followed by 60 seconds of running. More experienced runners on the other hand may use this running technique to help them get through long-distance events. Such as a marathon or half marathon. They would then focus on running for a mile or two, then recover by walking 2-3 minutes, before running another mile or two.


Is Jeffing as Good for you as Running?

Jeffing is great for beginners and runners that want to improve their times over longer distances. It also works well for runners that have plateaued in their training. But is Jeffing as good for you as running?

It all depends on your fitness level. Of course, for the elite runner, Jeffing won’t provide much, if any, benefit. This type of runner has the aerobic ability to get through most distances without the need to walk.

However, for your average runner or beginner, Jeffing is a great technique to help you get through long distances or training sessions. It allows the body to recover much fast and reduces the amount of stress placed on the body. Not only that, but it also helps your body adapt to the increase in mileage and prevents your heart rate from rising too quickly in the beginning.

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Jeffing can be used in different ways. It can be used across the whole duration of the run, or just in the beginning. Many runners use this run/walk method at the beginning of a run as it helps them warm up properly and helps them to complete the full distance without blowing up later in the run.

Is there an app for Jeffing?

There are many apps that can help you calculate the best run/walk ratio for you. Alternatively, you can check out our run/walk ratio chart. This will help get you started.

While there is no such App for Jeffing, you can use the Jeff Galloways mile calculator to help you calculate your race time predictions.

The Magic Mile calculator is a tool that helps to determine the correct pacing strategy. Testing your mile time regularly will help show progress and help you adjust your pacing for the event of your choice.

To calculate this correctly you will need to run a mile time at maximum effort. Once you have run the mile, you then use the calculator to calculate your 5k,10k, half marathon, and marathon pace.

The calculator works by taking your mile time and then multiplying your magic mile time.

– Add 33 secs to Mile for 5k pace
– For 10k pace multiply mile time by 1.15
– For 10 mile pace multiply mile time by 1.75
– For half marathon pace multiply mile time by 1.2
– For marathon pace, multiply mile time by 1.3

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