Half Ironman Triathlon Training Plans

Half Ironman Triathlon Training Plans – What is Available?

Whether you’re new to triathlon or stepping up to a half Ironman event, some changes are needed in your training to help prepare you for the event.

Luckily SportCoaching has a range of half Ironman triathlon training plans to help you prepare for the event. All training plans available are custom built around your lifestyle and your current fitness. That means that no one program is the same.

We focus on individuals and their performance and well-being. Rather than selling mass-produced half Ironman triathlon training plans, we focus on providing the same experience as our monthly coaching service, without the follow-up. That means you get:

– Custom-built training plan
– Training Peaks Account
– Detailed workout descriptions
– Periodization
– Training zones setup
– Limited customer Support
– 60 minutes consultation

Half Ironman training plan

Available Half Ironman Training Plans

At the time of this post, we currently provide three half Ironman training plans. These plans include:

18 Week Beginner
18 Week Sub 5 Hour
18 Week Sub 6 Hour

For the triathlete looking to improve their run or bike only, we currently offer two training plans:

18 Week half Ironman running plan
18 Week half Ironman bike training plan

Unfortunately, we do not offer any free half Ironman training plans are this stage.

Each training plan is based on Heart Rate, Speed, RPE, or Power. Once you have signed up for the respective training plan, one of our coaches will book a consultation call. We then discuss what tools you have available for monitoring your intensity. The training zones and intensity will be based on this.

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Getting Started

To get started, first pick from one of our many half Ironman training plans. You then need to set up an account and purchase the respective plan.

Once you have set up and purchased the training plan, you will receive an email confirmation. You can then login into SportCoaching and connect or set up your training peaks account.

Once you are connected to our coaching account, one of our coaches will contact you within 24 hours. We will then book a consultation phone call to go over your past training.

It is important to have all past training available before the phone call and allow 60-90 minutes for our coach to get as much background information as possible.

Once this process is completed, our coach will begin preparing the training plan. This usually takes between 12-24 hours. Once the training plan has been uploaded into training peaks, you will receive an email explaining the layout and the workouts of the training plan.

During the training plan, we offer limited support. You will have access to our coach via WhatsApp or Email. Our coach will answer any questions about the workouts or plan in general. However, we currently do not provide any feedback from sessions or change any of the layouts with your purchased plan.

If you are looking to follow a more dynamic half-ironman plan, SportCoaching offers a monthly coaching service for 70usd per month. This service provides:

– Unlimited contact
– Updated training zones
– Daily training analysis
– Facebook Group
– Training Peaks Account
– Dynamic training plan

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Our monthly half Ironman Coaching service provides you with all the support you need to finish your first half Ironman or beat your previous best time.

About SportCoaching

SportCoaching has been coaching athletes since 2007. During this time, we have coached more than 600 athletes from all around the world.

We currently focus on endurance sports such as cycling, running, triathlon and boxing.

Since 2007 we have seen numerous athletes attend World Championships, Olympic Games and win more than 100 events around the world.

We currently coach a range of levels from beginner to professional athletes located in Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, America, Mauritius, Denmark, England, and Australia.

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