Glute Pushdown

Glute Pushdown – Effectiveness, Muscles Worked & Alternatives

Have you heard of the glute pushdown? If you’re looking to build stronger glutes in 2022, then this is an exercise you should definitely consider. It is beginner friendly and it is the perfect way to start strengthening your lower body.

The glutes are some of the most important muscles in your whole body. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle of sitting has weakened them. Many people have weak glutes because they simply aren’t activated enough. Luckily, glute pushdowns will help you toughen them up.

We’ve got all the information you need to add this to your workout and we’ll go through the specific muscles it works and the general effectiveness. So if you’re someone looking to really build muscle and power in your glutes, keep on reading.


Glute Pushdown – A Complete Guide

Let’s take a look at how the glute pushdown works. It is usually done on an assisted chin-up/dip machine. In some ways it is similar to a single-less press. The exercise is performed one at a time on each leg and the main aim is to build stronger glute muscles.

The first step requires you to brace and put your body on the machine. Stand on the machine and make sure the knee pad is parallel to the floor. Hold on to the handles and place one of your active feet on the assisting platform and leave your non-working foot standing. You should bend the knee of your active foot. Make sure your spine is in a neutral position and you will then be ready to start with the exercise.

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You can then begin the movement by pushing down with your foot and extending your knee completely. Make sure to inhale first. Use the muscles in your glutes and quads for this movement. Squeeze your glute hard for around 2 seconds on completion of the movement. You can then bend your knee and hip to get back to the starting position and begin another rep.

The amount of reps you do can vary. If you already have some decent glute strength, then you can aim for 6-8. However, if your glutes need more work then you can aim for less and focus fully on getting the movement right. Just activating the glutes and getting used to the feeling will be useful. You can choose between higher reps and lower weights or heavier weights and lower reps. Experiment to see which works best for you.


Glute Pushdowns Without Machine – What You Should Know?

Many people wonder if glute pushdowns can be performed without a machine. Usually, the exercise requires a chin-up/dip machine. However, you can attempt a variation without a machine. We know that some people may not have access to a large gym that has the machine or you may be trying to do this workout at home. Unfortunately, this specific exercise relies on the machine, but luckily there are some great alternatives which we cover later in this article.

Glute Pushdown Muscles Worked

A number of key muscles are worked when performing glute pushdowns. As the name implies, the main muscle being worked is the glutes. It is important to focus the tension on to the glutes during the exercise. You should really squeeze them and feel the momentum in them. This can be an odd feeling for many people since our glutes tend to be underactive. This occurs due to excessive sitting and a generally sedentary lifestyle.

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Aside from the glutes, the pushdown also gives a great workout to your upper legs, quads and hamstrings. Despite being relatively easy to perform, it is an intensive exercise that will give you a good workout for these key muscle groups.


Are Glute Pushdowns Effective?

The big question that people will be wondering is whether glute pushdowns are actually effective in the long-term. The movement itself gives your glutes a tough workout and it gets them activated. This means it is effective at building muscle in your lower body, but also improving flexibility and power. The glutes are a significant muscle and regardless of the physical activity you are involved in, they will play a major role in your performance.

Aside from the glutes, the pushdown also works your quads and hamstrings. This means you get a complete lower body workout from this exercise that challenges your muscles. We like glute pushdowns because they are easy to get started with and help you build a good base to work from.

Glute Pushdown Alternatives

If you can’t perform glute pushdowns with good form, then there are a number of alternatives to target the same muscle groups.

Cable Glute Kickbacks
Another great exercise to work your glutes and lower body is cable glute kickbacks. These also target your glutes one side at a time. You can perform these on a cable machine. You will need an ankle strap or cuff attachment. Once you have it on you should step back until you feel resistance. Use your resting leg to support you and you can also hold on to something. Make sure to keep your core tight and kick your leg bag while keeping your glutes squeezed. Hold the squeeze for 1-2 seconds and then restart the movement.

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Another alternative is lunges. You can add a barbell or dumbbells to lunges and they are great for glute activation and work your hip. Moreover, they also work your hips and thighs to give you a complete lower body workout. There are also a variety of lunges to choose from and we cover them in more detail in our guides.


Glute Pushdown – Closing Thoughts

Overall, the glute pushdown can be an effective exercise if you pay close attention to your form. Whether you choose to do the pushdown or some of the alternatives, they will help you build stronger glutes. This is a key area of the body to develop and it will help you in a variety of workouts and sports.

So get those glutes firing in 2022!

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