Pull up Bar Exercises

Get Creative With Your Pull up Bar Exercises

Get creative with your pull-up bar exercises; from cardio for weight-loss to extensive upper body strength-training, implementing more unique aproaches can lead to increased motivation and quicker results.​ In this article we’ll look at the benefits of getting creative with your pull-up bar exercises; you may never look back.​

Applying creative techniques to your workouts.​

When it comes to pull-up bars get creative! Through unique, fun and unconventional methods, this standard piece of equipment can offer versatile exercises, especially for those who are stuck in a fitness rut – or simply bored with the same old routine.​ From twists and turns to jumping jacks and more, the possibilities are endless with pull-up bars.​ Creative exercises require more focus and energy, leading to a more intense workout; they are a great way to stay motivated and surprise your body.​

Using a few basic exercises on the pull-up bar, such as pull-ups, triceps dips and leg raises, you can create a comprehensive routine in minutes.​ Switching up the order of the exercises, altering the movements or incorporating jump squats are all ways to get creative with your workouts, while ensuring no session is ever the same.​ For experienced gym goers, this could mean mastering hard hours and honing techniques on the bars.​ Over time, this could help to increase strength, or burn fat quicker, providing results are progressive.​

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For those just starting out, or who want low impact exercises, it’s important to ensure you’re correctly using the equipment and using proper form.​ Focusing on the basics will help to ensure an injury-free workout.​ Additionally, isolating and concentrating on certain areas of the body is key for maximum results and such creative techniques can help with this.​


Adding more Rigour to your Workouts.​

For those who are used to using a pull-up bar, increasing the intensity of your workouts is a great way to get more out of the bar.​ Adding weight to your workouts is a great way to challenge your body to the next level.​ These exercises can help to burn fat faster and gain muscle quicker, as these routines are much more demanding than standard exercises.​

An additional-cardio based approach can also be beneficial, depending on your preferences.​ Jump squats or plyometric exercises on the pull-up bar are the perfect way to burn fat.​ Core exercises in combination with pull-up bars can also be a great way to work your muscles and really engage your body.​ With the addition of free-weights, you can move into targeted work-out routines that focus on particular muscle groups.​

With the correct set up, pull-up bars can be incorporated into circuit-style workouts that are designed to challenge even the fittest individuals.​ By incorporating touches of cardio and strength exercises into a circuit format, you’ll be able to see quick and visible results.​


Cross Training with Pull-up Bars.​

In addition to adding and intensifying exercises, you can add more fun to your pull-up bar workouts with the help of cross-training.​ Combining popular activities such as climbing, swimming and cycling into your workouts can keep your progress in check while spicing up the routine.​

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For example, take a traditional pull-up bar exercise and add a cross-training movement.​ From putting your feet on the pull-up bar and lifting in a press-up position, to throwing punches and target presses, these can all switch up your routine and lead to maximum results.​

Another way of incorporating cross-training into your routine is by ‘cross-training’ with outdoor exercises.​ These include running, swimming or rope-climbing.​ Adding these activities to the routine regularly can be beneficial, both mentally and physically.​


Embracing Variety in your Exercise

Adding an element of variety to your pull-up bars exercises is key to progressing and seeing visible results.​ It’s easy to get bored, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the pull-up bar.​ Which is why it’s important to switch up exercises.​ Changing your routine helps to keep your body on its toes and stop the body from eventually adapting to a routine, without much of a result.​

Mixing isometric and compound movements is also hugely beneficial, as this challenges the entire body and helps to not only build strength, but also accelerate fat loss.​ Additionally, varying the number of reps and intensifying exercises is one way to switch up your routine, as this creates strength and workout intensity.​

Incorporating sets and supersets is important too; this can also help to increase strength and speed up fat burning.​ Challenging your body in this way can be beneficial for the progression of your pull-up bar exercises.​


Summary – Get Creative With Your Pull up Bar Exercises

Get creative with your pull-up bar exercises and reap the rewards.​ While it’s important to focus on the basics, it’s equally as important to mix up your routine with creative techniques, hard hours, cross-training and setting challenges for your body.​ By embracing variety, you’re bound to see results, while ensuring no two workouts are the same.​ So get creative with your pull-up bar exercises and we promise you won’t look back.​

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