Does Cycling Increase Height?

Does Cycling Increase Height? – Everything You Need To Know

There is an array of benefits that cycling provides. This includes improved cardiovascular fitness, fat burning, weight loss, and more. However, there has been a myth floating around for years that cycling increases height.

Is this true? Can regular cycling increase height?

In this article, we discuss whether or not cycling can increase your height. We also discuss other topics around this. So, keep reading to find out more.


Does Cycling Increase Height?

Just like running, there has been a myth floating around for years that cycling increase height. However, this is far from the truth.

Cycling doesn’t actually increase your height or affect the length of your body. Two main factors affect your height. These include your genes, diet, and disease exposure.

It is also important to know that after a certain age, height won’t change. If it does, the result is marginal, and most people don’t notice the change.

If you are a teenager, it is a good time to start cycling. This is the age where most people attain their maximum height, and exercise at this age may play a crucial difference in your height.

For an adult, cycling regularly will not affect your height. However, if you are set up in the wrong position, it may compress your spine, which may cause your height to decrease periodically. If this happens, your height will only decrease for a short period of time (usually 24 hours).

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What Affects Does It Have On Height?

While you can’t expect your height to increase from cycling, it may play a small part in decreasing your height.

Riding on rough terrain can cause jarring and compression of the spine, which can cause compression of the spine and tight back muscles. Because of this, you may find your height may be temporarily shortened. However, this is just temporary and won’t last more than a day.

Other factors that can cause a sudden loss in height include your position on the bike. A poorly fitted bike position can compress your spine, shorten your back muscles and cause poor posture off the bike. If this is the case, visit a professional bike fitter to get your position sorted and a physiotherapist or masseuse to help loosen up the muscles in your back. Alternatively, an osteopath may be another good choice.


The Benefits Expected From Cycling

If you are cycling regularly, you will find changes happening in the body. Some of these changes include increased endurance, increased joint health, and posture. Other major changes in the body may include:

– Weight Loss
– Increased Flexibility
– Improved Strength
– Better mobility

Other benefits expected from cycling can include a more toned body structure and stronger muscles. Cycling can also help to improve digestion, cognitive acuity, and brain functionality.

While the list of health benefits cycling provides can go on and on, it is important to be set up on your bike correctly. This can help prevent injuries and discomfort on the bike.

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