10 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Today

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Today

Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit, or complete an event, many people start running to accomplish a goal. For many people, this goal can vary. However, for others, they may want to run but don’t have a reason to do so. In this article, we provide you with 10 reasons why you should start running. Hopefully, this can give a reason to get off the sofa and start enjoying the benefits of running. Not only that, but we can also show you 10 benefits of running that can help change your life forever.

Why Should I Start Running?

There are many reasons why you should start running. First of all, running can reduce stress, improve your health and even alleviate symptoms of depression. It is also widely known to help stabilize or even lose weight.

Since it is a form of aerobic exercise, it is a great way to improve your cardiovascular system. Meaning it can help improve day-to-day activities and help you stay fit.

Running also helps your body release hormones like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and norepinephrine. This all can contribute to a better mood and more energy throughout the day.

Overall, running is a great way to improve physical and mental health while keeping your bones, muscles, and tendons strong and healthy.

Why Should I Start Running?

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Running Today

To make things easy for you to get the motivation to start running, we have put together 10 reasons why you should start running today that might motivate you to start. These include:

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1. No expensive equipment is needed

This makes running one of the easiest and cheapest sports to start when you are short on cash. When you start running, all you need is a pair of shoes and some breathable clothes. You don’t need any fancy running equipment, special clothing, or bespoke equipment to get started.

As you increase the length of your runs and when you run more regularly, you can then look at purchasing more specialist gear.
Gear like running bras, running socks, and running leggings are all important things you can purchase to help make your runs more enjoyable. You can even splash out on a running watch if you want to track the speed and distance of your runs.

2. Reduces Symptoms Of Depression, Stress, And Anxiety

When you run, your body releases feel-good hormones. These hormones (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and norepinephrine) help the body and mind feel amazing. Even walking can help the body release some of these hormones, which can have a positive effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. Studies have shown that running can also help fight anxiety and depression, and not just make you feel better.

For example, in 2018, The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) prescribe outdoor physical activity to patients instead of medication. This helps to reduce the need for lifelong medication.

3. Can Help You Lose Weight

Running can help you lose weight if done regularly. Running is proven to be one of the best methods to shed unwanted weight. However, you will need to focus on a strategy that includes running regularly throughout the week and eating a good diet. If your goal is to lose weight, you should follow a consistent training plan to reap the benefits.

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For ultimate results, you can combine running with a strength training plan.

4. Running Can Improve Sleep

Running and other types of aerobic exercise can help you sleep better at night. Because stress and anxiety are common causes of sleep problems, running can help to alleviate these so you can get a night of better sleep.

Since running requires you to expend energy, it can help you feel more tired and can help you fall to sleep quickly in the evening.

Research has shown that running can increase your sleep time and quality.

5. Running Helps Strengthen Joints & Bones.

Exercise, especially weight-bearing exercises like running, can help improve the development and strength of your bones.
When you run, the motion causes new bone tissue to form. This is called ossification. The ossification process helps your bones to become healthier and stronger. This can help reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis and other bone issues.

6. Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Because running makes your heart stronger, it can also help to reduce blood pressure. This makes it possible for people over 120/80 to reduce their blood pressure safely. It can also help prevent your blood pressure rise as you get older.

Regular running helps you lose weight – another factor of high blood pressure.

7. Improves Self-esteem

Sometimes having a goal and completing this goal can improve self-esteem. When you succeed in attaining your goal, it can help boost confidence and improve your mood.

8. Gets you outside

Being outside, in the sun, and enjoying open spaces is a great way to improve your mind, body, and soul. This also helps to relieve external pressures and distractions of everyday life.

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Next time you go for a run, leave your phone at home and enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors.

9. Be Part of a Community and Make New Friends

Running is a great way to meet new people. Either through a club or organized run, you can start to feel part of a larger community. This is one of the top 10 reasons why people start running, as people part of a community that helps them from feeling isolated. It also helps you build up a network of people, which may benefit other areas of your life.

10. Inspires You To Do More Exercise

As you get fitter through running, it can help motivate you to take up other forms of exercise. Knowing that starting running isn’t as difficult as one may think can help you feel confident you can start another sport, like cycling, rowing, or strength training.

The confidence you build up from running, makes you better prepared mentally and physically to challenge yourself in other areas of your life.

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