Xterra Wetsuits Review 2021 Size Chart & Temperature

One of the most challenging things for any athlete is the swim leg of a triathlon. Whether a beginner or a pro, every swimmer would agree that a swim takes a lot of preparation. Though it can take time to get used to triathlon wetsuits, they can make a big difference to the experience. However, it is not as easy as heading to the nearest store and picking one because using a triathlon wetsuit for swimming is different from using it for surfing.
You should be able to move your arms naturally to swim swiftly. Today, we review one of the best choices for wetsuits and take a closer look at its offerings.

Xterra Wetsuits Review – UPDATED 2021

Xterra is a unique company engaged in the production of triathlon wetsuits. While other brands sell their products through a network, Xterra wetsuits are available directly through the company website or the retail outlet. This means you always pay the same price for these wetsuits. This direct-to-consumers model offers great value to buyers.

The brand also sponsors a lot of events and is hence recognized by triathletes. Xterra offers a line of high-quality triathlon gear apart from wetsuits. It has been serving swimmers since 2001 and strives to make the swim more comfortable and faster through some of the highest performing triathlon wetsuits available at the best value.

Xterra wetsuits use Limestone instead of petroleum-based products in the rubber. Limestone-based rubber is not only easy to clean but is environment-friendlier. The brand claims to make the fastest wetsuits and their sponsored athletes back up the claim by holding the record for the fastest swim wearing their wetsuits. They understand the importance of design and fit and hence offer a wide range of options for both men and women.

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You can read more about Xterra here.

Xterra Wetsuits Size Chart

Xterra Wetsuits are available for both men and women in a wide variety to choose from. The size chart helps pick the right suit for maximum comfort and performance.
For men and women, you can find sizes from XS to XXL. The size chart lists the weight range and height for different sizes to make it easy choosing the ideal size for your wetsuit according to your torso and weight.

xterra wetsuits size chart

Xterra Volt Vs Vortex

Both Volt and Vortex are professional-quality triathlon wetsuits from Xterra, designed to suit different types of users. Volt is an entry-level wetsuit aimed at those who train in warmer waters. This product is perfect for performance when you don’t have to care about getting your arms cold. They feature precisions to minimize the amount of drag you experience.

As the water flows more easily around your body, you get a significant time improvement. The wetsuit comes in a thickness range of 2-3 mm depending on the area and makes it lightweight and natural to wear. Moreover, it is thick and retains body heat to keep your muscles warmer for better performance.

Vortex, on the other hand, is a mid-budget suit with the same design as the high-end offerings from Xterra. It comes with a 5mm front and 3mm back thickness panel to help you float easily. The additional buoyancy makes a huge difference, particularly when swimming long distances. Wearing this wetsuit feels different because you get the advantage of reduced drag and the surface feels smoother.

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This also means you get more time. The arms and legs of Vortex are designed to stay out of way and you don’t need to adapt to the swimming style when wearing this. While Xterra Volt is a great choice for beginner triathletes, a mid-range suit like Vortex helps improve skills if you plan to race in multiple events. Such a wetsuit will let you improve and it is also more durable.

Xterra Volt

Xterra Vortex Vs Vector Pro

The Vector Pro is Xterra’s proven mid-range wetsuit and comes loaded with some exciting features. Vortex, on the other hand, is a mid-range suit in the budget. Both these wetsuits are designed for performance or professional athletes and facilitate the right design and fit to improve the swim stroke. The Vortex comes with 5mm front and 3mm back panel thickness to provide the buoyancy you need to float easily on the water. Moreover, it uses a 2-panel arm instead of the anatomical 6-panel arm on the Vector suit.

Both Vector and Vortex are available in sleeveless as well as full-sleeve models. Vector Pro offers a little thicker paneling throughout the suit to help swimmers who engage in colder lake swims as a race or workout. It also features a higher drag coefficient, making it a great, versatile wetsuit at a compelling price. The Xterra Vortex makes what the brand is known for – great, mid-level wetsuits. It is an excellent option for those who want everything in one at a budget-friendly price.

Xterra Wetsuit Temperature Guide

Xterra Wetsuit Temperature Guide

Choosing the right wetsuit according to the temperature is really important. According to the policy, Xterra Wetsuits can be worn in water temperatures up to 24.5 degrees C for age-group athletes. Professional athletes can wear Xterra wetsuits in water temperatures up to 21.9 degrees C.

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Apart from this, wetsuits are mandatory for age-group athletes and professional athletes for water temperatures below 16 degrees C. The thickness of a wetsuit should not exceed 5mm and it can cover any part of the body except hands, feet and face.


Overall, Xterra wetsuits are great options for swimmers of all types as they have something for every level. The brand is focused at ensuring you are happy and satisfied with the product and its fit. They are committed to serving the worldwide triathlon industry with some of the best wetsuits. Their direct-to-consumer model means you get high-end products at a much more affordable price.

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