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Triathlon Signs And Ironman Signs For Race Day

For many people, their first triathlon or Ironman is an experience they don’t want to forget. Often your family is there supporting you throughout the event on the side of the road with triathlon signs yelling and screaming.

While some first time athletes have their triathlon coach on the course, not everyone has that luxury or maybe doesn’t even have a coach.

Support during a triathlon is often critical in helping the first-timer finish their event. So try to spend some time putting together a few different triathlon signs for race day. Often supporters are missed during an event with all the noise from people crammed onto the racecourse. So picking the right triathlon sign can help provide some support and motivation during the bike or run.

Make sure you look for areas on the racecourse that have fewer spectators. Doing so offers some support where the athlete may be struggling with motivation and need that much-needed morale boost.

You can use such things as posters, signs or just use your imagination. Some people even go as far ahead as painting the road surface. While this isn’t highly recommended, you will get their attention.

Ironman Signs

An Ironman is one of the hardest sporting accomplishments you can do, so supporting your loved one along the run course with multiple Ironman signs can help them throughout the dreaded marathon.
If the person you are supporting is competing their first triathlon try to put a smile on their face by using multiple Ironman signs that will make them laugh. If the athlete you are supporting is more serious make sure you offer some words of encouragement that will help keep them focus.

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Do some research and come up with something unique and you won’t regret the smile you put on the face of competitors. For a split second you will help them take their mind of the pain and suffering that an Ironman gives.

ironman signs

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