Triathlon coaches near me

Triathlon Coaches Near Me – 2020 – How do I find a Triathlon Coach

Triathlon Coaches Near Me

You may be new to triathlon or be competing for numerous seasons, either way there can be multiple reasons why you are searching for a Triathlon coach.
Finding a coach can be often difficult (Best online triathlon coaching) but there are many ways to find a coach online. While we do offer multiple training plans and monthly coaching services, we may not be the right fit for you for one or another reason. So we have put together a database of websites that list triathlon coaches near you.

North American – SlowTwitch
Known as the largest triathlon forum online, Slowtwitch offers a complete and comprehensive selection of North American triathlon coaches

This database has over 829 coaches and increasing each month.

Worldwide – TrainingPeaks
Known for their powerful training tools that help you plan your training and analyze your workouts. TrainingPeaks has one of the largest databases of endurance and triathlon coaches on the web. You can search directly for a male or female coach and whether they are a level 1 or level 2 accredited coach.

TrainingPeaks also provides an online training plan marketplace which is one of the largest on the web, allowing you to search for training programs that range from a sprint distance up to the full Ironman distance.

Worldwide –
Relatively new to providing a coaching database is Ironman. After recently growing their Ironman University, their coaching database has grown somewhat bigger. With names like Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and Paula Newby-Fraser helping coaches fine-tune their coaching techniques. Ironman provides a list of only triathlon coaches that are accredited through their university programs.

While not the level of expertise as TrainingPeaks they are still a decent amount of knowledgeable coaches there.

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England- British Triathlon
If you based in England you can’t go wrong with the searching through the British Triathlon website. While much smaller than both TrainingPeaks and you can easily find an English triathlon coach relative to your needs.

America – USA Triathlon
If you are looking for a USA Triathlon Certified Coach in your area, USA Triathlon is probably your best bet. They provide a search-friendly database for not only tri coaches but also other multi-discipline sports such as Xterra, duathlon, and aquathlon.

America – TriFind
With no accreditation still provides a list of over 500 triathlon coaches in America. While there isn’t much available information about each coach you will be able to get directed instantly to their coaching website.

Australia – Triathlon Australia
Known as a widely popular sport in Australia after many years of success on the triathlon circuit. Triathlon Australia provides a list of state coaches on their website but also a search database if you are looking for “triathlon coaches near me” in Australia

New Zealand – Triathlon New Zealand
Although a small nation New Zealand has seen plenty of success with triathlon. So there is a good reason why there are more coaches than ever in New Zealand. Each coach listed on the database is accredited by triathlon New Zealand.

Triathlon NZ Find a Coach

Over the next month when time allows us away from our daily duties as a coach we will try to continue to update this list.

How Do I Find A Triathlon Coach

How Do I Find A Triathlon Coach?

Since now you know where to find a triathlon coach, the next step is to find the right person for you. Often searching by accreditation first and then by area can help pinpoint the most knowledgeable coaches in your area. Once you have narrowed this list down to a handful of coaches you can then start to create a dialogue and see if they are the right match for you.

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Take into account that not all coaches close to you may be the right fit and some online coaches may be able to provide more knowledge, contact, or time that you need. You first need to decide whether you are open to both online and in-person coaching.

Like many sports, triathletes often work with a triathlon coach to help improve motivation, improve performance, and even body mechanics. Finding an experienced triathlon coach is the easiest way to get access to an effective training program. The program then can be based around your available time, lifestyle, fitness, and skill level.

There are many options for triathletes looking for a coach. Thanks to the internet, you now have access to a online triathlon coach, not just coaches where you live. Online coaching programs are affordable and often designed by experienced coaches. These programs can range from simple plans through to working one on one with a coach via training peaks or email.

If you work with a coach one on one, you will have access to feedback from the training, constant communication, and analysis of your workouts. Often the online coaches will help to adjust the schedule if needed, more than if you were on a self-coached program you brought online.

If you have issues with biomechanics and technique, hiring an online coach isn’t going to work the best for you. Some coaches provide video analysis online, but often or not; it is better to work with a Triathlon coach near you.

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What To Look For In A Triathlon Coach

In general, a good coach can help you make improvements, and there are many reasons why we hire a coach, but just as many not to.

Some athletes feel that a coach is too good for them, or they think they are too slow for a triathlon coach. A coach can help you target specific issues in your performance and significantly improve your times. They also provide and make suggestions on how to address performance issues, constant sickness, fatigue, and structuring.

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Knowledge and Credentials
Make sure you look for a coach that either has a good track record of coaching triathletes of all abilities. It is also a good idea to check their coaching credentials such as USA Triathlon (USAT), British Triathlon and New Zealand Triathlon ( or your triathlon governing body). With most governing bodies, there are three levels of coaching certification with the third level being quite rare and often expensive.

The relationship between the coach and triathlete is of extreme importance. Finding a coach that offers unlimited contact time is essential to help develop your fitness and improve your results. Stay away from coaches that often once month feedback and communication. This can often affect your performance and doesn’t allow changes in your plan when unforeseen circumstances happen.

Understanding the athlete
Any good coach should be able to understand and read into your strengths and weaknesses. They then should understand what workouts to implement to help you improve. They also have the understanding to create a training plan that is individualized to you and your lifestyle.

Triathlon Coach

Picking The Right Triathlon Coach

Finding a coach can always be difficult. Spend time researching online and speaking to fellow triathletes. Once you have found some suitable candidates, book a free consultation and discuss coaching with each of the candidates. This will help you find someone that is suitable for you. Remember to ask plenty of questions and get referrals, the more you ask the more you can be confident in your new triathlon coach.

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