Mumbles Duathlon

Mumbles Duathlon – UPDATED 2021 – Distances, Photos & More

Since 2020 was a hit and miss for races around the world, the Mumbles Duathlon is planned to take place in 2021 instead. Located in Wales, the course is a perfect starting ground for beginning your 2021 season on a high. Below you can find all information related to the event.

Mumbles Duathlon – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide

Taking place in Mumbles on the western edge of Swansea Bay, Wales. The Mumbles Duathlon offers a great range of distances mainly aimed at the beginner duathlete.

The event kicks off the start of the season for duathlons in the UK. On March 21st the event usually attracts around 600 participants of all levels. A perfect race to blow out the cobwebs after a long winter of training.

Two events cater to the 600 participants, the sprint distance event and the super sprint distance. Both these distances offer a newbie-friendly course with views of Swansea Bay and support from all the volunteers.

Since it’s March, make sure you wrap up warm and bring adequate nutrition and fluids with you. Remember there are no drink or feed stations located on the course.

Mumbles Duathlon Distances

The Mumbles Duathlon distances cater to those new to the sport. Or maybe you’re an elite athlete looking to bring up your intensity and speed heading into the season.

The sprint distance course starts with a 5 km out and back run that begins close to the Mumbles Pier. It then heads along the coastline before making a U-turn to head back to the first transition. The run course offers a flat and fast route to kick off the event.

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The bike course features an out and back loop of 32-kilometer that follows Swansea Bay before heading up to Langrove. You then do a loop around the airport before heading back down to the transition.

You finish off the sprint distance event with another 5 km run that follows the same course as the first run. At this point, the legs will be fatigued, but the view of Swansea Bay will most likely make up for it.

The super sprint distance is more catered towards the beginner. Starting with a 5 km run along the same course as the sprint distance, you then head out on the 23 km bike leg. The bike leg travels along the coast to West Cross before making a left turn towards Clyne Common. You then ride up to Southgate before doing a U-turn and make your way back to transition.

After the transition, you head out on a short run of 3 km along the coastline to West Cross. Then you head back to the finish area close to the Mumbles Pier.

Both the sprint and super sprint distances offer an out and back course that suits all abilities. Remember, the bike follows the non-drafting rules, so if you are not familiar with these, you can check out our post here.

Mumbles Duathlon Distances:
Sprint: 5K Run/32K Bike/5K Run
Super Sprint: 5K Run/23K Bike/3K Run

Mumbles Duathlon Photos

Once you finish the event, you can purchase Mumbles Duathlon Photos via the Mumbles Duathlon website or check out the Activity Wales Facebook page. All competitors will find pictures from the event, both from the bike and run course. Photos from the start and finish area are also available. It’s a great way to hold onto the memory of your first duathlon.

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Swansea Duathlon

Swansea Duathlon

The Swansea Duathlon starts close to the 5-mile stretch of sandy beach between the Swansea Docks and Knab Rock. Swansea was a popular place during the 20th century because of the golden sands and dunes covering large sections of the bay.

There are plenty of hotels and accommodation that is just a stone’s throw away from the local restaurants. Swansea offers a great holiday destination if you are looking to get away for the weekend. And why not test yourself with an event that can suit all abilities while your there.

Since the competition kicks off at the beginning of the season, why not sign up for a training plan. SportCoaching offers a range of duathlon training plans that can be customized to each individual. From a 4-week, 8-week, and 16-week plan, there’s every reason to get fit for the event.

Gower Duathlon

The Mumbles Duathlon is often referred to as the Gower Duathlon, which kicks off 2021 on March 21st. The day before the race start is the time to pick up your race number.

It’s common to think it is another event on the calendar. But there is only one event located in the Mumbles and Gower area. Be sure to check the location, so you have plenty of time heading to the event.


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