SUMARPO Wetsuit Review

SUMARPO Vanguard Triathon Wetsuit Review – 2022

As someone who has more than five years of experience with triathlons and swimming, I have come across many types of wetsuits. In my personal experience, a good wetsuit is essential for the best performance. Regardless of your experience level, I’ve found that having a good wetsuit can make a significant difference. But, I’ve also noticed that a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. I’m here to help you make a more informed choice on wetsuits.

There are a variety of brands to choose from, which can make it hard to know what to opt for. One brand that has stood out to me is SUMARPO. Their Vanguard wetsuit had some positive reviews online, so I was intrigued to check it out. I had also heard good things about it from my friend who has been involved with triathlons for over ten years. Usually, I wouldn’t try on a suit in this price range since the performance tends to be poor, but I thought it was worth a shot.


When was SUMARPO founded?

In case you haven’t heard of them, SUMARPO is a brand that makes eco-friendly triathlon clothes for swimming, running and much more. Currently based in Los Angeles, they were founded in the UK in 2008. After years of designing and testing, they have put together an elite collection of wetsuits suitable for triathletes of all levels and experience. They specialize in high-performance wetsuits, and they are well known for their high quality. Their core values are based around innovation and improving customer satisfaction.

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I’d love to tell you more about this fantastic eco-friendly wetsuit from SUMARPO. Here’s everything you need to know about my experience with the SUMARPO Vanguard Wetsuit.

SUMARPO triathlon wetsuit

SUMARPO Vanguard Wetsuit – What are the key features?

Firstly, let’s go through some of the core features of the SUMARPO Vanguard Wetsuit. It is made out of 100% limestone neoprene. It is designed to free up movement in your shoulders and arms. This is done with a super stretch liner in the shoulders and arms. Additionally, there is a fantastic feature for enhanced grip. The grooved panels in the forearm allow you to pull in the water with much greater efficiency. Skin irritation is minimal, and you will find that very little water is able to get into the wetsuit. Furthermore, it is very simple to take on and off. This isn’t the case with many wetsuits in my experience. At a price point of under $400, this wetsuit is reasonably affordable. It is also eco-friendly and the company is passionate about this. It is a big plus to see a wetsuit that is environmentally friendly.

Triathlon Wetsuit Review

My Experience With SUMARPO Vanguard Wetsuit

So with those features in mind, I decided to take the SUMARPO Men’s Vanguard Wetsuit for a test ride.

The first feature that I noticed was the comfort and flexibility. In the past I have had issues with tightness and some skin irritation, but this was not the case with the vanguard wetsuit. Finding a comfortable fit is essential for getting the best performance, so I was glad to see it met these criteria.

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Now we move on to buoyancy. This is the real test for any triathlon wetsuit, and this is where the budget suits often fail to deliver. The buoyancy was excellent, and I could really feel myself move in the water. The grooved forearms were fantastic and helped me navigate the waters with ease. The neoprene material was doing an excellent job at helping my body position and giving me the best hydrodynamics in the water.

At first glance, the SUMARPO vanguard wetsuit might not be the most aesthetic. In fact, it can look a bit plain. But, in terms of performance, it does a fantastic job. I was surprised at how well it allowed me to brush the water aside. And then, once I was done, taking it off was incredibly easy. This is a big plus for triathlons, and I will definitely consider wearing it to my next one.

Overall, I was most impressed by how well the suit was able to perform and the durability of the material. The team at SUMARPO might not be the most well known yet, but they have clearly researched into choosing the right materials and selecting the core features that would suit swimmers and triathlon athletes. This is a suit that doesn’t need to show off; it is built for high-performance and delivers on that promise.


SUMARPO Vanguard Wetsuit Review – Final Verdict

The review of this wetsuit was carried out in Wellington, New Zealand and my final verdict is that it does a brilliant job of enhancing performance and also ensuring a comfortable fit. It really ticks the boxes for what a swimmer and triathlon athlete would be looking for. From trying it out myself, I can really see the testing and optimization that has gone into it. This is one wetsuit that I can comfortably recommend to my family and friends. The affordable price point is an added bonus.

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This is a fantastic wetsuit for beginners and those with more experience. I would call it an all-rounder that delivers peak performance at a reasonable price level.

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