running after wisdom teeth removal

Running After Wisdom Teeth Removal – All You Need To Know!

Running After Wisdom Teeth Removal – A Complete Guide

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure at some point in your life. In this article, we discuss running after wisdom teeth removal and how long the recovery process takes. Ideally, the offseason is the best time to have this procedure done. But like most runners, we don’t always have that option.

It is important to understand that the recovery process will take some time and not rush back into running training too quickly.

Running After Tooth Extraction

Running After Wisdom Tooth Extraction – What To Expect?

Wisdom tooth extraction is often a fast process, which means you are in and out of surgery on the same day. But if you are a runner and looking to get back to running after wisdom tooth extraction there are some things you need to know.
First, some pain and swelling are normal during the first full day after the extraction. This first day will include some blood in your mouth. Ideally, during this time it is recommended to use an ice pack to help relieve pain and swelling and take any prescriptions the doctor has prescribed for you.

It is important that you should expect to put the running on hold or any exercise for that matter until bleeding and swelling have stopped. For most runners, you can expect to see an improvement after 72 hours and as we discuss below you should be back into your normal running routine after 5 days.

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Remember during this recovery period eating soft foods and avoiding alcohol and caffeine is recommended.

when can i run after wisdom teeth removal

When Can I Run After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Often the cases after having wisdom teeth removed entirely depends upon the number of teeth extracted. The age and health of the runner can also play a vital part in the recovery process.

If you have recently had your wisdom teeth removed you can look at slowly heading back to regular running after 3-5 days. During this time it is important to keep the intensity down. If you feel any increased pain or throbbing it can be a sure sign that you are pushing the running too hard and too early.

Remember to take your time getting back into your running training plan and try to stay away from any contact sports and weight lifting for the first week.

Running After Tooth Extraction – Is It Advisable?

Running after a tooth extraction is not advisable for at least the first 3 days. When running your heart rate and blood pressure increases which means it can ultimately lead to increased bleeding. If you see excess bleeding in the first few days back running, stop immediately, and rethink your recovery plan.

While it’s not advisable to run directly after tooth extraction, once 3 days have passed there is nothing holding you back from some light jogging.


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