How to Stay Fit to Improve Your Chances for a Date

How to Stay Fit to Improve Your Chances for a Date

The dating world is highly competitive. While you can certainly find “the one” with enough time and perseverance, why make the process take any longer than necessary? In this short article, we’ll be taking a look at physical fitness and how getting “in shape” can help you go on more dates!

Decide What You Are Looking For

There are many different types of modern relationships. That said, most people will find themselves looking for something relatively traditional, either in the form of a casual & long-term relationship. It’s important to determine which type(s) of relationships you’re interested in pursuing before attempting to find a suitable partner. If you change your mind later on, the overall “success” of the relationship will be entirely dependent on whether your partner is also willing to change their mind. In any case, good shape will always remain your benefit.

Flirt and Communicate

Once you’ve figured out what you’re looking for, it’s time to start searching for a partner. Many people choose to look for potential partners in their daily lives, but you can also take your quest for romance online. This works especially well for introverts who are not used to being socially active in public. Being an attentive listener and good company works way better than being fit when it comes to healthy communication and flirting, no matter online or offline.

Casual Flings

For these types of “relationships,” on the other hand, physical attractiveness is everything. For casual encounters, increasing your physical attractiveness will help immensely! While posting stereotypical shirtless or six-pack pictures doesn’t exactly show off your amazing personality, flings are physically-based relationships, so personality & emotional compatibility are less important. When talking about hookups, you can definitely make use of online dating as well. Simply searching “online dating sites” or “hookups near me” should give you a few websites to start from. People out there are seeking short-term relationships deliberately, so being fit usually helps to find a hot fling big-time.

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Long-Term Relationships

Although long-term (romantic) relationships are a combination of physical and emotional attraction, improving your overall fitness can still help you find “the one” faster. The more attractive you are, the more attention you’ll get from potential partners. Furthermore, being in good health improves your value as a lifelong partner since you’ll be less likely to pass early on in life.

Boost Your Attractiveness with a Healthy Lifestyle

Boost Your Attractiveness with a Healthy Lifestyle

Being inspired to pursue a healthy lifestyle is one thing, but actually implementing these changes into your daily life is the real challenge. Fortunately, you’ll have time to make educated & informed decisions. While you’re trying to hone in on long-term fitness goals, start implementing these simple lifestyle choices into your daily routine to establish a solid baseline.

Stay Active

To avoid gaining weight, you’ll need to burn as many calories as you consume. The best way to burn calories is by staying active! You can exercise, play sports, or even do yard work as an easy & effective way to maintain healthy body weight.

Eat Healthy

Although consuming an adequate amount of calories is important to maintaining healthy body weight, the form in which these calories are delivered is important as well. Most “healthy” foods are relatively low-calorie, especially when compared to calorie-dense foods like processed meats. This means you can eat more without worrying about gaining weight!

Drink More Water

Your body is approximately 60% water and relies on maintaining the proper level of hydration in order to function correctly. Becoming dehydrated is easy if you consume mainly salty foods & drink only soft drinks. Try to add water to your daily list of drinks!

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Sleep Well

After a workout, your body needs to rest. Maintaining an adequate sleep schedule will not only increase your mental well-being and decrease stress but also will give your muscles more time to recover & grow!

Get in Shape

Get in Shape

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve probably implemented the daily changes listed above! Those will give you a great starting point, but if you want to maximize your physical fitness to increase your dating potential, try implementing the changes below as well.

Set Your Preferred Fitness Routine

Making complete lifestyle choices is hard, so if you haven’t managed to implement all of the recommended changes above, then we’d advise you to do so before committing to a fitness routine. Once you’ve made the above changes, research workouts and test out a few before deciding which one to do. Remember, you can always change plans later, but most workouts rely on long-term commitments to be effective, so choose wisely!

Stay Fit with your Favorite Sports

Sports aren’t for everyone, but if you have a sport that you’ve played before (or are interested in), consider joining a local team, group, or league! While many people think of sports as highly competitive events, there are just as many sports activities that are laid-back & friendly, making them perfect for casual players.

Seal Your Win by Training Together

Once you do find a partner, consider working out with them! Unsurprisingly, the “couples who ___ together, stay together” mantra is actually applicable to workouts, meaning training together can help ensure you a long-lasting relationship. Of course, there are many other factors that will contribute to the success or failure of a relationship, but working out together will work in your favor nonetheless.

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