Haute Route Training Plan

Haute Route Training Plan – UPDATED 2021 – A Complete Guide

For many cyclists, the Haute Route events are the highlight of the season. They not only test your endurance but your climbing and mental ability on the bike.

Over multiple days the choice of events push your body to the limit as you climb some of the most iconic mountains in cycling, often surpassing 4000m of elevation.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself over one of the many events, make sure you prepare yourself properly with a Haute Route training plan designed specifically for you by SportCoaching.

Haute Route Training Plan – A Complete Guide

SportCoaching’s Haute Route training plans are designed for both amateur and professional cyclists looking to target one of the many multi-stage events.

Our 3 day, 5 days, and 7-day training plans are designed to help you conquer the Crans-Montana, Pyrenees, Alps, and the Dolomites.

No matter your fitness level, our training plans will help you to improve your stamina, climbing, and cardiovascular endurance. Thus, helping you to prepare for the event correctly and getting you into the best possible shape with up-to-date training methodology.

Just like all our plans, the 3 day, 5 days, and 7-day training plans is specifically designed around your lifestyle, fitness, and event.

We specifically design each training plan for each person based on their current fitness level. Then customize the plan to fit around your daily schedule and the event of choice.

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To find out more about our customized 3 day, 5 days, and 7-day training plans contact us. We help all levels of cyclists to complete the event in the best possible shape they can.

3-Day Haute Route Training Plan
5-Day Haute Route Training Plan
7-Day Haute Route Training Plan
Haute Route Cycling Map

Haute Route Cycling Map & Stages

If you want to know more about Haute Route stages and maps of each stage, you can find information on each event below.

3-day Crans-Montana stage race
3-day Ventoux stage race
3-day Brazil stage race 
5-day Pyrenees stage race
5-day Dolomites stage race 
7-day Alps stage race

Remember if you are preparing for the event it is always a good idea to study the maps and look at each stage. That will allow you to customize your training plan for the type of terrain you will be riding.

You can also practice some of the stages on Zwift, and practice pacing targets, race strategy and test our legs over some of the harder climbs.

More information on the Haute Route stages and map can be found online at

Haute Route Cycling Cost – UPDATED 2021

While the event caters to all levels of cyclists, the cost is not cheap. Expect to pay roughly $1000 for the 3-day event and up to $2000 for the 7-day event.

Below are the current 2021 prices for each event:

3-day Crans-Montana stage race – 799€ $939
3-day Ventoux stage race – 799€ $939
3-day Brazil stage race – 799€ $939
5-day Pyrenees stage race – 1299€ $1525
5-day Dolomites stage race – 1299€ $1525
7-day Alps stage race – 1799€ $2110

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Remember the Haute Route cycling cost doesn’t cover your travel to the event. It merely covers the event fees and your accommodation will need to be booked as well. Luckily the event does offer some discounted accommodation close to each stage that you can book when registering.

3-Day Haute Route

3-Day Haute Route – What To Expect?

While the new 3-day Haute Route events may seem an easier choice than doing the 5 or 7-day event, you might be mistaken.

Each 3-day Haute Route event includes long climbs that test the fitness of competitors and takes them across some of the most famous Tour de France climbs.

The 3-day is perfect for the cyclist that wants to test their form over multiple hard days in the saddle without committing to the 7-day events. It also gives the 7-day riders a perfect build-up competition to test their legs over some of the longest and hardest climbs in Europe.

Otherwise over the 3 days expect to experience a well-run event that thousands of cyclists flock to each year.

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