Does Running While High Feel Good

Does Running While High Feel Good?

The sense of euphoria following a dedicated yoga session or a brisk road run can elevate the occasionally demanding effort to a rewarding experience. Recent research suggests that cannabis might amplify this sought-after runner’s high. The study, conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Boulder, enrolled participants in a cross-sectional study to investigate the impact of cannabis on physical activity. The participants were surveyed regarding their experiences with running after consuming cannabis compared to running in a sober state (

A group of 49 runners, ranging in age from 21 to 40, was assembled for this study, with 61.5 percent identifying as male and 81.6 percent as white—a demographic alignment consistent with Boulder, CO, being reported as 89.5 percent white in the 2022 Census.

Cannabis and Running: A Unique Exploration

Participants were instructed to consume regulated cannabis to their preference and engage in a running session. Researchers meticulously collected data pertaining to the run and the overall demeanor of the runners post both cannabis-infused and sober runs.


The Highs and Lows of Running Under Cannabis Influence

Curious about the experience of running while under the influence of cannabis? It was revealed that cannabis consumption prior to a run extended the duration by approximately 31 seconds per mile, yet participants covered the same distance with and without cannabis. Notably, most participants reported experiencing fewer adverse effects during the cannabis-infused run.

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Running on Cloud Nine: Tranquility and Euphoria

All participants unanimously conveyed an enhanced sense of tranquility while running under the influence of cannabis. Running became a more enjoyable experience, accompanied by a heightened euphoric sensation commonly referred to as the runners’ high.


Pain Management and Effort Exerted

Participants also observed a reduction in post-exercise pain when consuming cannabis beforehand. However, it was noted that cannabis did not contribute to increased energy levels, with all participants indicating a consistent level of effort during both runs.


Cannabis as an Exercise Aid

Researchers emphasized that the specific strains, cannabinoids, or products used did not significantly impact the results, as these factors varied among participants. Despite this diversity, the study concluded that mindful cannabis consumption before a run could contribute to a more positive exercise experience. Researchers encourage further investigation into how cannabis may influence other forms of physical activity, such as yoga, weightlifting, and MMA.


Normalizing Cannabis Use and Challenging Stereotypes

The findings not only inspire individuals to explore the potential enhancements cannabis could bring to daily activities but also contribute to normalizing cannabis consumption. By challenging stereotypes—such as the misconception that individuals who use cannabis are lazy—research like this suggests that those incorporating cannabis into their activities may, in fact, find more enjoyment.


Final Words – Does Running While High Feel Good?

In the pursuit of unraveling the intertwining realms of cannabis and running, this study embarked on a unique exploration, enlisting a diverse group of 49 runners aged 21 to 40. The alignment of demographics with the community’s composition added a layer of context to the findings, reinforcing the study’s relevance.

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As participants laced up their running shoes under the influence of regulated cannabis, the research meticulously captured the nuanced dynamics of their runs and post-run experiences, both with and without the influence of cannabis.

The revelation that cannabis extended the duration of a run by approximately 31 seconds per mile, while participants covered the same distance, sparked intrigue. Importantly, the majority reported fewer adverse effects during cannabis-infused runs, amplifying the notion that running on a cannabis-induced high offers a unique blend of tranquility and euphoria—an elevated state commonly known as the runners’ high.

Beyond the temporal realm, the study shed light on pain management, noting a reduction in post-exercise discomfort when cannabis was consumed before running. However, it remains noteworthy that cannabis did not contribute to increased energy levels, highlighting the consistency of effort exerted by participants during both cannabis-infused and sober runs.

The implications extend beyond the realm of running, with researchers underlining the potential positive impact of mindful cannabis consumption on various forms of physical activity, from yoga to weightlifting and MMA.

In a broader context, this research not only inspires individuals to explore the synergies between cannabis and daily activities but also plays a pivotal role in normalizing cannabis consumption. By challenging stereotypes and showcasing the potential for enhanced enjoyment, this study contributes to a nuanced understanding of the intersection between cannabis and exercise, inviting further exploration into the boundless possibilities that await in this evolving field.

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