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TimeTrial Workouts

For most people, timetrial training involves lots of intervals and long riding. But how do we perform at our optimal performance in a 40km time trial? Even though a 40km time trial is one long sustained effort, training for a time trial is anything but simple.

With the advancements in aerodynamics, time trial bikes have become harder to setup. With a completely different feel from your road bike, the positioning and handling can be quite a change from what you are used to. To produce a winning result, you need to spend countless hours on your TT bike. Contributing one to two rides a week season-long helps you adapt to the position of the time trial bike. Working on core strength and stability will help you position yourself more comfortable on the TT bike while offering improved performance benefits.


Strength Endurance Workout

This workout we use for both road racing and time trial training. Make 4-6 efforts of 4-5 minutes at 50-60 rpm. Complete these at power zone 3-4 up a moderate climb of 3-6 % gradient. Have 4-5 minute active recovery between each interval. Stay seated and in the aerobars.


Threshold Intervals

Warm-up easy in power zone 2 for 20-40 minutes. Begin each interval, slowly increasing your power between 100-108% of your FTP. The interval duration can extend from 8 minutes to more extended efforts of 20 minutes. Make sure you perform these in your aero position and a course similar to your event.


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Recovery Rides

Recovery rides on the time trial bike allow for adaptation your position. Keep these rides easy and slow, allowing you past time trial training to take effect.


Under and Over Training

Warm-up easy in power zone 2 for 20-40 minutes. Then for 20 minutes, continuously alternate between 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off, alternating the level of intensity. These efforts should be based around 95% and105% of your FTP. For the more experienced time trialist, you can repeat the 20mins two to three times.


Progressive Time Trial Efforts

Warm-up easy in power zone 2 for 20-40 minutes, then start with 3 times 12-minute efforts. During the 12 minutes increase the power output every two minutes. During this workout, you should have an average of around 100% of FTP power. Recovery between efforts should be around 10mins.


Time Trial Motor Pacing

Motor pacing offers many benefits to time trial workouts. Spending periods behind a scooter can provide increased leg speed and race pace efforts. Motor pacing efforts should be implemented into the time trial training plan in the later stages heading to your race. Helping to find tune your form and fitness.


TimeTrial Improvements

Once you have made significant improvements in your time trialling, adding some higher intensity work will bring up your form considerably. Shorter time trial intervals above TT pace over 2-4 minutes at 105-120pm allow for increased leg speed and lactate tolerance. Make sure to pace yourself!

There are many more bike time trial workouts available depending on the length of your event. Time trial training requires specific planning and execution to get you in the best shape. SportCoaching looks after cyclists all over the world specializing in time trial training plans and time trial training. If you are looking to improve your current fitness through time-trial workouts catered to you, contact SportCoaching below and have access to a cycling coach seven days a week.


TT Training Plan

Hiring a cycling coach can help see dramatic changes in your performance and results in a short space of time.

SportCoaching has been coaching cyclists for over 20 years, from amateur level to professional level all around the world.

Our cycling coaching can help with any event or cycling distance. Making sure you reach your race in top shape and injury-free. With unlimited contact time and analyzing of all your cycling workouts 7 days a week.

Having a cycling coach will provide a training plan catered to your lifestyle. Gaining maximum effect out of our training and helping you to become more efficient with your time available.


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