Best Toe Spacers for Running

What are the Best Toe Spacers for Running – UPDATED 2021

As a runner, we often look after our feet through innersoles, correct shoes, and good socks. However, since our feet take a large amount of load when running, they are especially prone to injuries. To help prevent toe injuries, runners sometimes opt for toe spacers or commonly known as toe separators. These small separators often help relax the foot and prevent blisters while running.

But do toe spacers for running help deter injuries, or is their only job to help prevent blisters from forming?

Continue to read to find out more.

Toe Spacers For Running – What are they?

Whether your running 10k a day or just a few times a week, our feet are one part of the body that is always under pressure. This pressure often relates to the shoes we wear and the position of our feet. Sometimes when we wear shoes with a narrow toe box, our toes are forced together, causing them to align incorrectly.

When this happens, the natural form of your toes and feet can start to change shape. When this starts to happen, it often leads to more serious long-term issues.

Toe spacers or toe separators are primarily used to release pressure from the toes. They are also used in the process of realignment, which is often caused by incorrect running shoes.

However, there are a few more benefits to toe spacers than just alignment of the toes. Toes spacers can also help to treat and prevent:

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– Bunions
– Hammertoes
– Claw Toes
– Chafing
– Blisters
– Plantar Fasciitis

They are also widely used by runners the experience extreme cases of blisters and chafing between the toes when running.

Since all of these foot ailments are common in runners, you can understand why toe spacers are being used more and more by runners.

Toe spacers are mostly made from gel or silicon-type materials. This is so they can conform to each toe correctly and prevent them from overlapping each other. Once they are installed and have formed to each toe. Each separator will then help each toe to align individually.

Although toe spacers focus on improving the alignment of toes, they also provide benefits to the feet. When used by runners, they can help prevent serious injuries like neuromas, sesamoiditis, and capsulitis. They can also help to decrease pronation and improve the runner’s gait once the toes move back into their original form again.

Original Yogatoes

Best Toe Spacers For Recovery

There are multiple varieties of toe spacers available on the market. These include models that fit inside shoes, slide over the toes, socks, and even spreader pads.

Below we have put together a list of the most common and best-rated toe spacers on the market. These below are not be used for running, rather for post-workout and alignment of the toes.

Original Yogatoes
The number one choice for people that want a toe separator made from gel. The Original Yogatoes are a versatile toe stretcher that helps align and stretch your toes back to their original position. They are easy to install and comfortable to wear.

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The Yogatoes is ranked as one of the most recommend toe separators by doctors around the world. They are designed to relieve pain caused by overlapping of the toes, hammertoes, or even plantar fasciitis.

View Original Yoga Toes Separator

PRO-TEC Athletics Toe Flexors
Made from foam, rather than gel. The PRO-TEC Athletics Toe Flexors are designed to be small and convenient. These toe separators work by focusing on the middle three toes which are usually the most affected. They then work by stretching and separating each toe and help to increase circulation.

Made from soft foam but strong enough to spread each toe correctly, they are designed for the person that needs to realign the middle three toes rather than all five.

View PRO-TEC Athletics Toe Flexors

The Best Toe Spacers for Running

When it comes to running, the best toe spacers are much more low profile and smaller. The compact design allows you to continue to run without any discomfort or interruption inside the shoe. Below are some of the most common toe spacers used by runners today.

Toe Spacers Pro

Designed to be used when walking or running, the Toe Spacers Pro is minimal in design and lightweight. Made from a lightweight gel, these toe separators provide increased comfort and maximum alignment when running.

Toe Spacers Pro
View Toe Spacers Pro

KAVAVO Toe Spacers

Made from silicon, the KAVAVO toe spacers are widely used by athletes around the world. The low profile and comfortable design make running, hiking, or walking easy. The silicon rubber helps to aid natural movements and prevent any chafing that could happen.

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KAVAVO Toe Spacers

View Kavavo Toe Spacers

Natracure Advanced Gel Toe Separator
For runners that have issues with their small toes, the Natracure Advanced toe separator helps to align and support the pinky toe. Made from silicone gel for comfort, it helps to prevent rubbing and friction between toes while running. It can also be used on other toes. Just make sure to choose the correct size.

Natracure Advanced Gel Toe Separator

View Natracure Advanced Gel Toe Separator

Before Purchasing Toe Spacers

Before using any toe spacer or separator for running, spend some time in them during the day. It is not uncommon for people to experience cramps or other discomforts when using toe spacers for the first time.

Secondly, use them for short periods when running and slowly build up until you can complete your entire run.

Just remember when using toe spacers for running will affect your running gait slightly. So it is not uncommon to have some light discomfort until you are used to running with them.

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