Top 6 New Zealand Cycle Rides

Top 6 New Zealand Cycle Rides

New Zealand is known for its distinct landscapes with picturesque rivers, mountains, and remote, uninhabited areas bursting with life. When you set foot in the country, you feel like time has stood still. One of the best ways to see these sceneries is through cycling.

New Zealand is a relative cycling country, where at least 1 out of 5 people cycle. You may find some of the best cycling routes in the world in New Zealand. Whether you like to use an e-bike or a mountain bike, there are a myriad of options for bike rides in the country.


Best Cycle Rides in New Zealand

1. Otago Central Rail Trail

Using ancient viaducts, tunnels, and bridges, the Otago Rail Trail transports you deep into the history of the old railway. Along the trail, you’ll pass through several welcoming villages and Kiwis’ renowned “southern hospitality.”

Novice riders of all ages and skill levels, including small children, will love cycling through a place with a rich history. Plus, the Otago central rail trail is fantastic for people who love historic sites and beautiful architecture.


2. Mavora Lakes, Southland

The trail to Mavora Lakes takes you through a wilderness area that features some of Southland’s most beautiful hills. Mavora Lakes’ well-maintained and secure trail meanders through gorgeous farms, historic glacial valleys, native beech forests, and steep mountains.

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The amazing trail is part of the “Around the Mountains Bike Path” and is open at both ends. However, without a doubt, Queenstown offers the trail’s most breathtaking entry point and all the information you need to start the trail can be found at


3. Old Coach Road

Old Coach Road is a 15-kilometer track that circles the forested foothills of Mount Ruapehu. The trail was completely abandoned and overgrown until the locals renovated it. Generally, it travels by two beautiful viaducts on a gently inclining road with the occasional rise. Cyclists can catch a ride on one of the shuttles to Horopito. And from there, it is mostly downhill to return to Ohakune.
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4. Hawkes Bay Cycle Trail

Hawkes Bay, situated on the northeastern coast of New Zealand’s North Island, is the perfect vacation spot for cyclists. Because of its pleasant climate and geography, Hawke’s Bay is currently one of the greatest places in the country for year-round riding.

The region’s extensive network of excellent cycling paths is paired with award-winning wines, gourmet restaurants, and well-attended market days. Therefore, making the trail the ideal place to explore by bike.


5. Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

A significant development for the New Zealand Bike Trail initiative is the Alps 2 Ocean Cycling Trail. The trail starts at Mt. Cook Township, and you’ll pass through a variety of landscapes along the journey. You’ll see different sceneries, such as the massive granite peaks of the Southern Alps, the opaque glacial-fed southern lakes, and limestone cliffs.

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The trail is categorized as grade 2 to 3 (or easy to intermediate). That means depending on which portions you choose to ride, hills and descents may call for a certain fitness level. You can read more about it and plan you track here


6. Queen Charlotte Trail

The Queen Charlotte Trail is well known for its breathtaking coastline vistas, interesting historical sites, and diverse natural fauna and flora. In fact, the 71 km (44 miles) long track is recognized as one of New Zealand’s top mountain bike rides. It was designed with recreation on two feet or two wheels in mind and accommodated both walkers and bikers.

The Queen Charlotte Trail is a cycling experience unlike any other due to its breathtaking surroundings and diverse terrain. Cyclists may travel the track all year round because of the region’s temperate environment.


Enjoying New Zealand One Cycle at a Time

Walking around New Zealand is indeed a great way to bask in the country’s scenery. But nothing beats feeling the fresh air through your hair while cycling the different trails above. That’s why New Zealand is swiftly becoming the top destination for cyclists wishing to see the world on two wheels. Find the right cycle trail for you and bask in the greatness of New Zealand.

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