The Best Hill Workouts For Runners

The Best Hill Workouts For Runners

Are you a runner looking for a new challenge to spice up your workouts? Look no further than hill workouts! Incorporating hill workouts into your routine can help improve your endurance, build strength, and make you a faster, more efficient runner. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of hill workouts and share some of the best hill workouts for runners.


Why is Hill Workouts Important For Runners

Hill workouts are important for runners for several reasons. First, they can help improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Running uphill requires more effort than running on flat ground, which means your heart and lungs have to work harder to supply oxygen to your muscles. Over time, this can help improve your overall endurance and make it easier to run longer distances.

Additionally, hill workouts can help build strength in your legs and core. Running uphill requires more power and strength from your muscles, which can help improve your running form and make you a more efficient runner. Finally, hill workouts can help prevent injury by building strength in the muscles and joints that are most commonly injured in runners.


How Often Should You Do Hill Workouts

When it comes to hill workouts, it’s important to start slow and gradually build up your intensity and volume over time. For beginners, it’s recommended to start with one hill workout per week and gradually increase to two or three per week as your fitness level improves. However, it’s important to listen to your body and not overdo it, as hill workouts can be taxing on your muscles and joints.

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When Should You Do Hill Workouts

Hill workouts can be done at any time of the year, but it’s important to consider the weather and terrain when planning your workouts. If you’re running outside, it’s best to do hill workouts on dry, non-slippery surfaces to reduce the risk of falls and other injuries. Additionally, it’s important to warm up properly before starting your workout and cool down and stretch afterwards to prevent injury.


5 Top Hill Workouts You Should Do

  1. Hill Repeats: Find a steep hill and run up it at a fast pace, then jog back down and repeat for several sets.
  2. Fartlek Hill Runs: Incorporate hill sprints into your normal running route, alternating between running fast uphill and jogging downhill.
  3. Pyramid Hill Repeats: Start with a shorter hill and gradually increase the length of the hill for each repeat, then gradually decrease again.
  4. Hill Circuit: Create a circuit of hill repeats, incorporating different types of hills and rest periods.
  5. Treadmill Hill Intervals: Set the incline on a treadmill to simulate hill running, then alternate between high and low inclines for several sets.



Incorporating hill workouts into your running routine can help improve your endurance, build strength, and prevent injury. By starting slow and gradually building up your intensity and volume, you can reap the benefits of hill workouts and become a faster, more efficient runner. So, find a hill near you and give these top hill workouts a try!

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