Running Log Ideas – How To Make A Bullet Journal For Running?

Keeping a running log or training diary is a common tradition among runners. It help’s them look back over past training and results, and it also helps track how much mileage you are running.

However, with the advancement of technology, most runners are now tracking their training online. That doesn’t mean that keeping track of your training with pen and paper should be forgotten.

In this article, we look at some of the best running log ideas to help you track your running training in a simple format that you can look back over for years to come.

Running Log Ideas – A Complete Guide

When looking for running log ideas, it is important to make sure you collect the most important information you need. This can include information such as:

1. Workout description
2. Average Pace of the run
3. Time and date of the run
4. Record distance and splits (for interval workouts)
5. Record any injuries or niggles you may be dealing with.
6. Route of the run

Collecting all the above information will help you understand how your body is reacting to the training. It will also help to limit future injuries caused by overtraining, changing shoes, or lack of adequate recovery. Some of the information you right down in your running log can help you:

– Find out what stretches or workouts worked
– Find out what hindered my progress in the build-up to an event
– Find out what prevented me from doing the training
– Find out what improved my speed (or didn’t)
– Find out how many miles I ran each week
– Find out my longest distance ran

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Remember what you should record in your running log should mirror your goals, both short-term and long-term. So when you are looking for the best running log ideas, you want to include the distance, speed, time, and date of each run at the very least.

As far as supplies go, a notebook and a pen are all you need to start recording your runs in a running log. However, you will need access to a GPS watch or an app that can record your distance, speed, and heart rate if you track that.

Once you are ready to start trying searching social media sites and running websites. Doing so will help give you some inspiration on different running log ideas. It may also help you decide if you want to use a bullet journal running log instead of a typical running journal.

Bullet Journal Running Log

How To Make A Bullet Journal For Running?

A bullet journal running log is a much simpler record of your running than a running log or journal. A bullet journal log is designed to be easily read and to simplify your training information in a much smaller area.

There are many different ways of how to make a bullet journal for running. But the simple way is to split a page into four rows. The first row should include the date, and the second row the length of the run.

The third and fourth rows should then include the distance and any short descriptive information about the workout. The information you write in the fourth column could include how you felt, injuries you picked up, or even split times of intervals.

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The positive of using a bullet journal for recording your running is that it takes less than a few minutes to update the information, meaning you are less likely to forget to update your training and how you felt each day. In the long term, it can help you find what workouts have helped your running improve and utilize a similar structure the following season.


Running Journal Templates – Getting Started

While there are hundreds if not thousands of running journal templates available online, we have included some of our favourite running journals below.

The 365 Day Running Journal

Whether you are aiming for a personal best, run a longer distance, or just to stay fit and healthy, the 365 day running journal is a great way to record your training. The 365 day running journal helps you track your progress from week to week.

The book’s modern design allows you to write down, location, time, and distance of each run. It also helps you stay motivated by allowing you to list your goals, races, and personal records. Lastly, this running journal gives you weekly tips to help keep you motivated in your journey to become a better runner.


Running Journal Template

Gone For A Run – Running Journals

These awesome running journals include more than 140 pages to help log and track your running performance. With a protective vinyl cover, you can keep it in your running bag ready to be updated after every run.

The gone for a run running journals help every level of runner set goals, plan daily training, track weekly runs and record personal records.

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running log

If you are looking for different types of running journal templates, here are some to get you started.


Even though keeping a running log can feel like a nuisance, it can help you track your running fitness and help motivate you on your journey.

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