Performance Lab® multi

Performance Lab® Multi for Men

Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi for men and women is one of the best multivitamin supplements available in the market. It is a holistic multivitamin supplement that covers every aspect of physiological and biological needs of the potential buyer looking for a product to supplement their nutritional needs, and thus ensure a healthy lifestyle.

People may wonder, what’s the need of buying a nutritional supplement like Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi, the much-needed Vitamins can be gained from merely eating a proper diet and keeping a healthy routine. There is some truth to such a general skepticism. However, if one dares to venture further, they often find that for some individuals, a proper diet and seemingly healthy routine just doesn’t get then enough nutrient, and especially Multivitamins due to the rapid changes in the environment, and the general paradigm shifts that have come up as times have changed, as have the needs and the sources from which those needs can be fulfilled. Keeping healthy has become increasingly difficult, in part due to the increasing distance of humans in general with the natural world. Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi for men and women, helps the users close that distance, and avail the natural benefits of attaining the due Multivitamins in ample quantity and supreme quality.

Studies conducted in the USA and the rest of the world has proven that most of us do not get enough micronutrients from our regular daily diets for optimal health. The consumption of fruits and vegetables, and insufficient access and exposure to sunlight contribute to nutritional deficiency.

The nutrients in fruits and vegetables lose nutrients during transport, storage, processing, and cooking. Even younger people, with a higher rate of metabolism and seemingly sufficient food consumption fail to get as much and as many types of nutrients they need.

For anyone who is serious and committed to their health, or the health of their loved ones, Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi for men and women provides the ultimate opportunity for its users to amplify their multivitamin intake and makeup for their multivitamin and other nutritional needs, and thus ensure a healthy living.


What is Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi for men and women made of?

Many supplement manufacturers use cheap and synthetic vitamins and minerals in their multivitamins and supplements. Human body does not recognize them as ‘food’ and thus they are not absorbed in enough quantities into our body.

These synthetic vitamins and minerals do not come included with other biological cofactors and enzymes normally paired with nutrients in food, that makes their absorption into the body and then are later use by our biological systems, possible. Your body either expels them as unwanted toxins, or simply ignores them as waste.

Performance Lab® make their own proprietary BioGenesis™ system to grow nutrients that go straight into cells and tissues as needed. The benefit of using this nature-identical multivitamin is that you get accurate dosages of each nutrient. Instead of the erratic nature of dosage often found in other multi’s.

Other multivitamins are using excessive dosages with an idea that at least a few nutrients (out of all listed) will reach your cells. Luckily, Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi capsules don’t use that megadose approach given human body cells easily recognizes each and every nutrient molecule used in the supplement. Additional to that, the capsules are being optimized for men’s and women’s personal needs – so called gender-specific hormonal support.


List of ingredients

1000 IU Vitamin A
Long-term potentiation and memory, vision, skin, immune system, protein synthesis, tissue repair, bones, antioxidant

60 mg Vitamin C
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), myelin, neurotransmitters, immune system, cardiovascular, skin, joints, antioxidant, gums, bones, muscles.

1000 IU Vitamin D3
Neurotransmitters, gene expression, neuroplasticity, immunity, bones, testosterone, cell function, protein synthesis

30 IU Vitamin E
Antioxidant, cardiovascular, hair, skin, nails, tissue repair

100 mcg Vitamin K1 & K2
Myelin, neurons, glial cells, bones, cardiovascular, connective tissue

8 mg Vitamin B1
Acetylcholine, adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

4 mg Vitamin B2
Neurotransmitters, red blood cell formation, cell growth, energy metabolism, antioxidant

20 mg Vitamin B3
Neurotransmitters, BDNF, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), circulation, protein and fat metabolism, skin

20 mg Vitamin B5
Neurotransmitters, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), hormone production, cardiovascular

4 mg Vitamin B6
Neurotransmitters, immune system, blood cell formation, oxygen transport, blood sugar, cognitive function

300 mcg Vitamin B7
Neurotransmitters, myelin, enhances the development of white blood cells, DNA, hair, skin, nails, blood sugar, energy

400 mcg Vitamin B9
DNA, RNA, gene expression, amino acid synthesis, neurotransmitters, new cell formation

50 mcg Vitamin B12
DNA, RNA, neurotransmitters, myelin, red blood cell formation, energy metabolism, heart health, cognitive function

18 mg Calcium (21 mg women’s multi)
Bones, joints, cardiovascular, muscles, hormones, brain cell signaling

8 mg Iron (women’s multi)
Blood cell formation, DNA, oxygen transport, neurotransmitters, myelin

150 mcg Iodine
Thyroid hormones, neurotransmitters, metabolism

17 mg Magnesium (21 mg women’s multi)
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), DNA, RNA, ion channels, neuroplasticity, cardiovascular, bones, testosterone, muscle relaxation, nervous system, blood sugar.

22.5 mg Zinc
Protein synthesis, cell signaling, gene transcription, neurotransmitter transport, DNA, methylation, immune system, vision, testosterone, neurons, cell growth

125 mcg Selenium
Neurotransmitters, thyroid, immune system, antioxidant

1.5 mg Copper
Red blood cell formation, neurotransmitters, myelin, blood vessel formation, neuron and glial cell respiration, antioxidants, energy, connective tissue, cardiovascular, vision, immune system

2 mg Manganese
Bones, metabolism, blood sugar, calcium absorption, neurons, glial cells, enzyme cofactor, weight management

120 mcg Chromium
Neurotransmitters, metabolism, energy, weight management, blood sugar

75 mcg Molybdenum
Enzyme cofactor, metabolism

150 mcg Strontium
Bones, joints

25 mg Inositol
Neurotransmitters, brain cell signaling, skin

10 mcg Vanadium
Blood sugar, cardiovascular, bones, muscles, enzymes, growth factor

4 mg Boron (1 mg women’s multi)
Bones, hormones, antioxidants, neurotransmitters, joints, connective tissue

The amount of the above ingredients is for 4 capsules of Performance Lab® Whole-Food. You may even start taking up to 6 capsules daily and stay on a safe side should your body require extra nutrients.

Start your morning ritual with 2-3 pills and take the same dosage in the evening – that is a perfect blend of adequate nutrient levels in a human body.