Lydiard Lacing Patterns

Lydiard Lacing Pattern – A Complete Guide To Running Shoe Lacing Technique

Whether you are a dedicated runner or a newbie, we have all experienced pain on the top of the foot. Luckily one of the world’s greatest coaches, Arthur Lydiard, invented a simple way to help remove pressure on the top of the foot when lacing your shoes.

This method is called the Lydiard lacing pattern. A simple way to tie your shoelaces that help relieve pain or extensor tendonitis around the top of the foot.

In this article, we show you how to lace your running shoes with the Lydiard lacing pattern. We also look at other running shoe lacing techniques that may be beneficial to you.

Lydiard Lacing Pattern – A Complete Guide

If you are experiencing pain on the top of the foot, try using the Lydiard lacing technique, it may help relieve some of the discomfort.

To learn the Lydiard lacing pattern follow the video instructions below:

The Lydiard lacing pattern has been around for many years and is popular with high mileage runners because it promotes increased blood circulation. It also helps relieve pressure on the foot if your shoes feel tight and prevent you from overtightening your running shoes.

While the Lydiard lacing technique is the most popular lacing patterns to relieve foot pain. There are many other running shoe lacing techniques that can help you. These include lacing styles for:

– Slipping heel
– Tight shoes
– Toe pain/Black nails
– High arches
– Wide forefoot
– Narrow foot
– Wide feet
– High midfoot

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Parallel Lacing Running Shoes

If you feel like your running shoes are too tight over the top of the foot, the parallel lacing technique is another lacing method you can use to relieve top of foot discomfort.

Parallel lacing running shoes is a great way to distribute pressure across the top of the foot evenly. So to correctly parallel lace your running shoes, follow the instructions below:

1. Lace the shoes in a parallel fashion, by skipping alternate eyelets for each lace and running the lace up the side of the eyelets to reduce pressure.

2. Finish by lacing up the shoe normally.

Lacing Running Shoes For High Arches

Even though there are fewer people with high arches than flat feet, many people still struggle lacing running shoes for high arches.
To lace your shoes correctly it is important to open up the middle of the shoe. This allows more wiggle room for the foot and relieves any pressure placed on the midfoot.

To learn to lace your running shoes for high arches, follow the guideline below:

1. Lace shoes normally starting with a criss-cross.
2. Keeping each lace on the same side of the shoe, skip an eyelet and weave it into the eyelet above it.
3. Continue to lace the top portion in a criss-cross until you reach the tongue.

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