srm pc8 headunit

Powermeter Head Unit From SRM – PC6 – PC7 – PC8 – PC9

We all love power meters and training with a power meter. With so many different units available, from single-sided to dual-sided, crank-based and pedal-based systems, the list goes on.

What About Power Meter Head Units?

While in the early years Polar seemed to have the majority of the market in terms of Heart rate monitors. Garmin then came along, and now they have pretty much 70% of the market in cycling computers and running watches.
With cycling power meters, we have seen numerous brands come and go though Kickstarter and other venues, but also brands that never lived up to expectation. With multiple faults, most brands have taken the early part of two years to fine-tune their product to meet the standards set by SRM.

SRM PC8 Head Unit

One of the athletes I coach from Norway recently picked up an SRM Power control 8 (SRM’s Head Unit). People that don’t know SRM and their background in Power meters., they have been producing products since 1986. I saw myself using three different crank-based power meters over the years. Also moving through their early models of PC5, PC6, and PC7.

The SRM PC8 (Power control 8), was released six years ago ( 2013/2014) as their successor to the popular PC7.

The PC8 has been the most significant technological jump from the company in many years. Which now includes Bluetooth, GPS, ANT+, and WIFI, which what the PC7 seemed to lack.

The unit features a rechargeable battery, which uses some connection as their Crank based power meter systems when means you can swap freely between the two when charging.

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The unit itself is known to hold around 30hours of battery life with the GPS and 100 hours when its turned off. SRM have noted that the unit certifies to 1,000 recharge cycles.

SportCoaching can help you find the correct tools to help you train effectively and efficiently when signing up to one of our cycling coaching services. With unlimited feedback on power data and contact time, you know your in good hands to buy a new SRM PC8.

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