Running Effort Level Beyond Pace

Determining Your Running Effort Level Beyond Pace

Pace, as a metric, is highly regarded among runners due to its theoretical precision and ease of measurement. Nevertheless, it's important to acknowledge that pace doesn't always provide the most dependable indicator of your training intensity from a physiological perspective. Factors like humidity, heat, or...

Bonking While Running

Bonking While Running: All You Need To Know

Have you ever experienced that dreaded feeling of hitting a wall during a long run or race? Your legs feel heavy, your energy plummets, and every step becomes a struggle. This phenomenon, known as "bonking," can be a frustrating and demoralizing experience for runners. But...

Marathon 5 Hour Pace

A Guide To Marathon 5 Hour Pace

Running a marathon is a challenging feat that requires months of dedicated training and preparation. For many runners, completing a marathon in under 5 hours is a major goal. But how do you train and pace yourself for a marathon at a 5 hour pace?...