Pros and cons of working out at home

Pros and cons of working out at home

Over the last few years, we have seen a sharp rise in the number of people keeping fit from home. Millions are deciding to shake off the shackles of the gym and fit their need to train and passion for fitness around their hectic daily lives.

Gyms remain the best way to get fit and stay there, but people are beginning to realize it’s not one or the other. A training hybrid of the gym and at-home training can be great for your fitness, health, and schedule. During the COVID-19 pandemic that hit in 2020, and we felt the effects on society deep into 2022, most found that training from home was possible.

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A new way of doing things

Public gyms were closed for months at a time while citizens were ordered to remain at home during the lockdown, with even outdoor exercise limited to one hour per day. After a week or two of spending 23 hours of the day at home, people began to look for alternative ways to keep both physically and mentally fit.

Home exercise routines, either through live chat online or a regime you have created yourself, will remain and continue to thrive long after life has returned to normal following the pandemic. But should you be back at the gym, or are you enjoying the best of both worlds training at home?

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Here are some pros and cons of exercising at home. Read through the list before deciding if it’s for you. Please keep in mind that the points raised in this article are the opinion of our team of content writers. Please discuss exercising at home with your doctor before starting if you have any worries.


Pros of home exercising

Many positives are associated with keeping fit at home, and you will have your favorites. But, for this article, we will focus on just three. Further reading is available on the health benefits and risks associated with exercising at home or the gym.

Time is one of the main benefits of exercising at home. You can fit your workout around your daily tasks. Let’s say you were to do a 60-minute workout on the treadmill at the gym. It may take 30 minutes to get your gym gear packed and another 30 minutes to travel. Then there’s the hour training, 30 minutes warm-down, shower, getting dressed, and chatting to others you may meet in the gym. A 30-minute drive home, and you’re done.

Train at home; it could take 15 minutes to set up your equipment, 60 minutes of training, shower, and done. It’s much easier, quicker, and more effective. You can also tailor your workout to you. While following an online tutorial or training video, working out at home is the best way to build confidence when starting your exercise adventure.

When you are passed the initial stage and are no longer a newbie to exercising, it’s time to move on and spend more time in the gym. But you can still train at home. Combine both home workouts and gym visits for the best effect.

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Cons of home exercising

The chances are – certainly for most reading this article – that a public gym will have better equipment than you at home. The exercise machines and weights allow you to take your routine up a notch, getting fitter and stronger.

Training around others also helps you improve your technique, learn new exercises and make friends. You’ll also find access to a personal trainer, which millions of keep fitters use each year. A PT can advise on a diet, when to train, the importance of rest days, and more.

This often comes as an added expense to your gym membership, but it can be great for different scenarios. A PT could improve your times, increase your weight or educate you on how a good diet can help recovery.

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