How to Start Exercise If You've Never Exercised Before

How to Start Exercise If You’ve Never Exercised Before

Do you want to make exercise a part of your regular schedule? If yes, there are easy activities for you to choose from! However, if you are going to include exercise as a part of your daily schedule but haven’t done it before, you might hesitate about that idea. In this article, you’ll learn how to start exercising even if you’ve never exercised before.

Pre-Exercising Activities

Since exercising requires your mind to be alert, you’ll need to do pre-exercise activities to stimulate your mind. Here are some pre-exercise activities that you can try to give your brain that wake-up call before going to your exercise routine:

Reading a Book
Reading books has been proven that they can stimulate your mind and body for a long day. Pick a book of your liking – whether it is a facts book or a fascinating story. Give it some time, and your mind should be in the right place to do activities for the day.

Playing a Few Mind Games
Mind games such as puzzles, scrabble, and even betting games online or sports betting such as the Vietnamese Các trang web cờ bạc trực tuyến tốt nhất 2023 could get you set for the day. Mind games’ many nuances and complexities will likely make your mind think a lot until it fully awakens.

Listening to a Podcast
Podcasts that have your topics of interest could drive you to become active for the day. The many thoughts and opinions that the hosts could have can make your mind think deeply about them. Like the entry earlier – once your mind starts thinking from processing the info, it won’t be long until it becomes so stimulated that it fully wakes up.

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Tips to Start Exercising Even If You Haven’t Done It Before

At first, exercising might be a little too hard, especially if you haven’t done it before. In this section, you’ll learn tips on how to start working out. After all, you’d want to go with an exercise routine that you find enjoyable and will stick with you in the longer run. Here are the tips as listed:

Know Your “Why”

The first step in finding the right exercise is knowing your “why.” Identify your goals. Know what you are after when doing exercise. It may take a while before you can discover your goals, but it should push you to move forward once you do discover your goal. Take note to start with small goals first.

However, even if you discover your goal, you must consult your doctor to see if your routine is safe.

Form a Schedule

To ensure that your exercise routines will be done, they must fit into your current schedule. Pick the right and realistic time frame for your exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be done in the morning; everyone has varying energy levels depending on the time of day.

If you’re not a morning person, your exercise routines could be scheduled in the afternoon or night.

Start With Cardio Routines

To get your body ready into exercise mode – you’ll need to do exercises that will increase your heart rate. You can do stationary jogging or up the stairs at home; treadmills, stationary bikes, and the like should work like a charm if a gym is available.

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Once you’re pumped up, you’re set to handle the rest of your exercise routines on your list for the day.

Test Out Different Workout Types

There are a lot of workouts available for you, but the issue is that it can be difficult to find the right workouts. You’ll need to find the workout routines you can do and enjoy. It is a matter of trial and error until you find the exercise routine that resonates with you.

A good starting point is to go with exercise routines you are drawn to – boxing, dancing, or yoga. If you do like the routine, have them listed for reference. Keep broadening your horizons until you form the list containing the routines that work well for you.


Get Basic Exercising Equipment

If you’re new to exercising, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll do it within your home. You’d want to purchase some basic exercise equipment. An example would be purchasing three sets of dumbbells of varying weights, sliders, a mini-band, and a looped resistance band. You’re set as soon as you have a decent starting exercise equipment set!


Patience is a Must

You must be determined if you wish to go very far when exercising. Exercise routines take months to integrate into someone’s life fully. Aim for consistency rather than perfection in exercise routines to stay motivated.

Also, expect boredom to show up along the way. Try to find ways to entertain yourself while exercising, such as listening to music or a podcast.


Experiment and Exercise Until It Integrates Into Your Life!

In summary, if you’re exercising for the first time, you must know your goals and find the right routine. Finding the right exercise routines may take a while, but it’s worth it in the end. You might also need some equipment if it calls for it. At that point, it’s all a matter of committing yourself to exercise until it becomes your new habit.

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Just make sure to do pre-exercising activity and try to entertain yourself in the process. You’d want to ensure that your mind is in the right place as you try to meet your fitness goals.

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