Sports video analysis apps

Sports video analysis apps makes a real difference in the modern coaching

When assessing the variety of modern-day coaching methods that are being explored by coaches from a selection of different sports, video analysis is a tool that has risen to prominence in particular. Video analysis allows both an athlete and a coach to focus on technique, in particular, therefore resulting in self-training on occasions and some additional input from a knowledgeable coach, but from a slightly different perspective.

Video analysis apps essentially provide another angle for both a coach and an athlete to monitor their progress. For example, in golf, a slow-motion function can enable a coach to see a swing more clearly and assess why it might not be producing the right results. While video analysis of this type is key, it’s not the only piece of technology-based data that is being explored in sport these days. In fact, data science is applied in certain areas of all sports. For instance, consider the amount of data that is analysed in horse racing which allows fans and experts alike to make predictions on individual races or performances, such as the Melbourne Jockeys premiership. Additionally, a Californian technology firm called Zone 7 is helping Liverpool Football Club to overhaul their approach to injuries thanks to data scientists being able to predict and then help prevent specific injuries to players.

While video analysis apps perhaps aren’t as advanced as some of the data being recorded in other areas of certain sports, they still perform a vital function in the progression of a professional athlete. Even away from the professional world, video analysis apps are helping people enjoy sport more as they record better results after gaining a video-based insight into where exactly they were going wrong previously. Some people even download apps of this type onto their smartphone devices, with certain mobile versions in this particular space helping users immensely. Let’s take a look at just three of them below.

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An instantly recognisable video analysis app for many coaches and athletes, CoachNow is a highly detailed video analysis product that features professional integrated software to help unlock peak performance. Used a lot in team sports, such as football and rugby, CoachNow offers excellent communication tools as well as video sharing options and a helpful coach library, which is essentially a destination where message templates and video analysis recordings can be housed.


OnForm: Video Analysis App

A reliable app in the space, this popular coaching platform is a great way for coaches and athletes to keep in touch with each other, perhaps through an informative voice note or a detailed message on a certain technique after recording it in a high-speed video format of up to 240 FPS. Users of the app can also explore other tools like slow motion and a selection of video markup options. Additionally, the app also allows users to capture specific moments in a single video, users can also apply a Bluetooth camera trigger, and background voice commands are a great addition, too.



myDartfish Express

myDartfish Express

Although myDartfish Express lacks the detail that some professional athletes might require, it’s perfect for many coaches in a selection of different sports, including tennis, golf and swimming. Offering proven efficiency over time, this particular smartphone app is a popular performance analysis tool that allows both players and coaches to analyse recorded footage and make the most of some handy tools, such as slow-motion mode, drawing, tags, animated arrows, and the like. Users of the app can also make any necessary corrections to a particular video, before being able to share it on a variety social media sites, such as Facebook.

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