Proper Running Technique for Beginners

Guide to Proper Running Technique for Beginners – How to Stay Injury Free

Running may seem to be one of the easiest activities to get into. You can get on your running shoes, head outside, and sprint. However, making this simple activity injury-free takes more than just being careful. You’ll have to employ the proper stance to sprint without injuries. In this article, you’ll learn the running techniques that reduce or eliminate the risks of injury.


Take Care of Your Mind Before You Run!

Running is a stimulating activity for the body, but you’d want to ensure you’re in the mood for a sprint, right? Here are a few activities for your mind that you can engage in to get you pepped up for your running sessions.

1. Engage in Mind Games
You can prepare your brain for the day through various mind games. They range from coin flips, dice rolling, and slots if you like predicting results. Speaking of slots, you can also check out these amazon slots promo codes.

Other options for mind games include crosswords, sudoku, and trivia or quizzes. Sooner or later, after stimulating your mind with these games, you’re good to go for a nice running session.

2. Reading
Reading books of your liking also stimulates the mind and uplifts the mood. Read topics that interest you to stave off the negative vibes so you’ll feel like having a nice jog afterward.

3. Hobbies
Whether it is painting, knitting, playing music, or any craft, engaging in hobbies reduces stress and promotes the “good vibe hormones” of the body. Once you feel like you’ve been pepped up, you can go out for a run outside.

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Employ a Proper Running Stance

Using the correct running techniques and stances ensures you’ll enjoy your morning runs to their fullest. At the same time, you won’t run the risk of sustaining injuries.

Here they are listed:

1. The Head Must Be Parallel To The Ground
Most runners use a forward-slumping stance or posture. Unfortunately, it does come with the drawback of not noticing what’s ahead; it also pulls your body. The better stance or technique is that the head must be kept up with the chin parallel to the ground. Preserve your line of sight while running.

2. Relax Your Shoulders
Folks tend to hunch their shoulders, but this tends to leave a stiff sensation after running. Also, don’t slouch your shoulders too. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your arms to exert some tension on the upper back section of your body.

3. Propel Yourself With Arm Swings
Propel your body forward with back and front arm swings. They consume less energy and propel your body better than the usual “crossing in front of you” arm swings. Like your shoulders, your elbows must maintain a straight-back 90-degree angle, but without the arms crossing the body if they swing upfront.

4. Hip Balance is Crucial For Proper Running
It would be best if you practiced a straight posture. The hips must not incline to one side. Try running without one of the hips cocked to the side. You’ll be surprised how safer it is to run this way, and you’ll also never experience feeling off-balance ever again.

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5. Control Your Legs
Without a doubt, your legs are the star of the show when you are running. The proper running stance is running like how you pedal a bike so that both glutes and hamstrings are engaged.

6. Make Light Steps!
The feet are the “co-star” of the legs during running. Light footsteps consume less energy compared to heavier steps. As a result, you’d consume less energy when you run and feel less exhausted afterward.


Just Keep on Practicing!

Transitioning from the usual running stances can be difficult at first but don’t be disheartened if you can’t get the running stances right at the start. It all boils down to practicing the stances until they become part of your muscle memory. You’ll be surprised how fast you can go and not become tired easily when you utilize these running techniques.

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