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Sometimes people don’t want or need a monthly coach. That is why we have a range of training plans for a range of sports and events. These training plans are custom made for you like our monthly service, just without the follow up!

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If you become injured, sick or lifestyle changes take place, your coach will update your schedule within 24hrs.


All training plans developed by Sportcoaching are in house and developed around you as an athlete. No copied training plans between athletes.


All training plans and workouts are delivered through trainingpeaks, which allow us to track and analyze your progress.


If you don’t see an improvement within 90 days or if coaching isn’t right for you, we offer a 30-day refund and 90-day performance-based refund*

Read Our Reviews!

Graeme is really on top on the game!

Graeme is really on top on the game!! I consider my self as a well educated and self coached athlete, but I have seen significant performance benefits in short time working with Graeme. Looking forward to continue this process!!
- Åge Bunde

Exceptional help for a newbie runner

Exceptional help for a newbie runner like me, not only does sportcoaching help elite athletes but looks after newbie runners like myself and goes above and beyond to see me improve
- Christina Williamsson

Fantastic good Coach

Fantastic good Coach, given me great progress. Highly recommended if you want to make progress.
- Jean Kristin Veibye-Hauge

Best Results!

Having Graeme as a coach for a full year has help me improve drastically. I could not have been more prepared before an Ironman race. I am impressed on how well the coaching plan was fitted to my fitness level and also to my personal schedule and daily life. I highly recommend sportcoaching to everyone that needs a well-suited training plan and wants help with achieving the best results
- Francis

Highly recommended

Highly recommended to join Sportcoaching!
- Jenifer

Good support and highly knowledgeable

Good support and highly knowledgeable, highly recommended.
- Jeremy Anderson

Great Passion for Coaching

Graeme has a real passion for coaching and always takes that extra step to help his athletes. The knowledge and tips he provides are invaluable and so is the improvement I have made this year. Thanks!
- Andrea Cambell

Marked Improvement

I have seen a marked improvement over my 5km and 10km time under Graeme's guidance. He goes out of his way to help you improve your results in a fun and motivation way. Recommend to any type of athlete that wants to make a big improvement in their results.
- Selina Bolder

Very professional and supportive

Very professional and supportive in my training. The training is based around my lifestyle but also adjusted when my work takes over. Recommended for anyone that has limited time and needs cycling coaching to fit around their business lifestyle.
- Freddie C
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