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triathlon coaching

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from beginner to Ironman or olympic distance triathlon

We have helped hundreds of triathletes with triathlon coaching programs using Heartrate, Speed and Watt measurement while finding the balance between your triathlon goals and lifestyle. Our coaching covers a range of athletes from complete beginners to Hawaii Ironman Qualified triathletes. We help you find the motivation needed to improve your triathlon fitness to another level.

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Who we coach

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Laszlo Toth – Barcelona 70.3

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custom triathlon program based on your Level of fitness!

We create a triathlon training program based on your circumstances, This includes a annual training layout (ATP) based on your events and fitness/goals. We start with a personal or skype meeting where you will meet your triathlon coach and look over past training, lifestyle and other factors around your training and provide a suggestion to how we can plan out the triathlon training program.

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no fixed contract

We have helped hundreds of athletes around the world reach their goals, that’s why we have no fixed contract and why our clients have stayed with our triathlon coaching for at least 1year. We pride ourselves in helping and developing athletes. Sportcoaching has helped beginners to their first Olympic distance triathlon, up to qualifying to the Ironman world championships in Hawaii.
Contact us to see how we can help develop your level of fitness in running, cycling and swimming

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Minna & Björn – 1st Mixed 2nd Overall Swim Run


Benico Toro

“ Having Graeme as a coach for a full year has helped me improve drastically. I couldn’t been more prepared before an Ironman race. I am impressed on how well the coaching plan was fitted to my fitness level and also to my personal schedule and daily life. I highly recommend sportcoaching to everyone! ”



Who we currently coach

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Martin Stoll – Ironman Austria

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Suitable for all levels

We use Training Peaks as a coaching platform and is accessible from any computer or mobile phone. We take your through the coaching layout and help you understand along the way what we are trying to accomplish with each session.
We have 3 Levels of Triathlon Coaching Programs available for all types of athletes, which are delivered online through Trainingpeaks. Our Coaches are available 7 days a week to answer questions on triathlon training or products.

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training plans for all types of races

Our Coaching can provide numerous training plans for every type of athlete from a training plan for sprint triathlon, half Ironman training program beginner, 6 month Ironman training plan, training schedule for half Ironman, Olympic distance training plan and even if you are training for my first triathlon.Have a chat with our coach today

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New to Triathlon

If you’re new to triathlon, we can help you with a triathlon training schedule for beginners and provide you unlimited support on your journey. We have provided hundreds of people an Olympic distance triathlon training plan and others up to a 1 year Ironman training plan. We look after Beginner triathletes up to Hawaii Ironman Qualified athletes

Tommie Nilsson – Sub 10hr Ironman Kalmar

Minna – Hawaii Ironman World Championships

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based online

Our Coaching is based entirely online (also available one on one) which means our triathlon training programs can be reached and updated online from any mobile phone or computer, worldwide. Helping to structure your season and allow you to have easy access to follow your training program anywhere.

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7 days a week contact

You will have access to your Triathlon Coach 24/7* who is there to help you understand your training plan and answer any product and training question you may have. With unlimited email, chat, and phone call access to us, you’ll receive the support and answers you’ve always needed for your training.