how to start running

Tips to Start Running

Everyone needs, at some point, some tips to start running. People go through periods in their life when they aren’t as fit as they used to be. Whether this is due to illness, childbirth, or just everyday life itself, there are plenty of tips to start running when out of shape.

If you find yourself severely overweight or with medical issues, it is crucial to first consult a physician before beginning any exercise regimen.


The first step to start running

The first step tip to start running is to start walking. While it can be tempting to start running directly around the block the first day, this can result in pain, soreness, and in worse case an injury. Your muscles and cardiovascular system need time to get used to the impact and fatigue of running again.

The beginner that is especially overweight or with joint problems it is better to start in the pool. The buoyancy offered by water will help reduce the impact of muscle and stress on your body. A beginner runner choosing to start in the pool can warm up with some leisurely laps, followed by water resistance exercises such as leg lifts and knee kicks. Running or aqua jogging in the pool can help prepare the body for running on land. More advanced individuals can try leg weights, which provide additional resistance for a more intense workout.


Start Running on the Flat

When you first start running, you should aim to run on flat locations since hills (both up and down!) dramatically change the pace and difficulty. Remember you didn’t get out of shape in two weeks so don’t expect to get back in form in two weeks. Keep your training up and be sure not to overdo it in the beginning.


Run with a Friend

Running with friends is a fantastic way to naturally motivate yourself (mainly if you are competitive!). If you can find someone who is also new to running, you will be able to run for a more extended period. If you cannot find a friend, why not join one of the many local running clubs? A simple Google search such as “Your town running club” will likely produce results.


Set yourself a Running Goal

If you’ve never run before aim to run a mile without stopping. Focus on your goal and remember why you started running.


The fantastic Benefits of Running

Beginning running has been proven to help you sleep better, lose weight and live longer. What else can say that?


How to Start Running

Alternating running with jogging intervals is the best way to learn how to start running. Start running slowly for one minute, and then walk for two minutes, repeating for thirty minutes. Gradually work yourself up to running five minutes and walking for one minute. Walk for as long as you can when starting to run.

Initially, workouts should be run on time rather than distance, so keep a watch with you when you start to run. It may take some individuals as long as six months before getting up to 30 minutes of running as long as you are off the couch and working towards better health its a win for you. If at any time you feel like the next stage of running is too much, ease back on time spent running and introduce more time walking instead. A running coach can also to help guide you in the right direction.

Starting to run is not easy for everyone, but with hard work and dedication, learning how to start running is relatively simple.



Begining Running with SportCoaching

There are a lot of premade beginner runner training plans available on the internet. These don’t cater for the new runners day to day progress and don’t provide the depth, feedback for the beginner runner.

Our running coaching service can help you begin running in a safe and controlled way. We can help you get a fit enough to enter an event, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Our coaches can help you reach your goals, whether this is to run 5km or to complete a Marathon. We customize the running training plan for you and give you extensive feedback and contact throughout the coaching period. Making sure you reach your goals in top shape and injury-free.

Having a running coach, even if you are a beginner, will provide a training plan catered to your lifestyle. Gaining maximum effect out of our training and helping you to become more efficient with your time available.


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