strength training for endurance athletes

Strength training for endurance athletes

Strength training for endurance athletes is a crucial factor to not only boost your performance but keeping you injury-free. While many endurance athletes know about strength training, many don’t understand how or why you should include it in your training plan.

Strength training for endurance athletes isn’t just about your top-level athletes. Ageing endurance athletes and any athlete for that matter can benefit from implementing strength training.


Strength training for endurance athletes

It is common for many endurance athletes to start out lifting far too large weights. From the beginning, they try to push hard, and the result is soreness or lost days training.

The key to strength training for endurance athletes is focused form and quality of movement. Make sure you start with a resistance that is much lower than you know you can lift. Adding some light resistance, in the beginning, will help to generate the correct movement.

During the initial phases of moving into a strength training plan, try to commit to 2-3 sessions per week. As you move into heavier weights, you can decrease the workouts to twice a week. During the early stages of your strength training, three days a week will help accelerate the adaption process.

Make sure when lifting weights for the first time you focus on your breathing pattern. Breath out during the hardest portion, while this is not so important during the early stages, once you lift heavier weights, it becomes more critical.


Small increments during strength training

Like any training make small increasements and do so in a steady progression. While it is essential to challenge yourself, controlling the intensity and periodization of your strength training will allow for a higher level of fitness when you need it.

Like most workouts to do with cycling, running or swimming, you allow added time for recovery. Strength training for endurance athletes is no different. Make sure you allow adequate recovery time during your training so that you can perform the next session well-rested.

Its a familiar sight for some athletes to speed through their strength training, thinking this will improve their aerobic condition. Naturally, your aerobic condition is increased with your endurance training rather than that of lifting weights.

It is important not to add weight or increase the number of repetitions if you see your form deteriorating. As endurance athletes, we are known to push the boundaries, but doing so during strength training can have added risks. With such sports as cycling and swimming, you may get away with this, but doing so with heavy weights can cause injuries.

As you start to adapt to the movements and moved towards bigger weights, you can start looking at pushing until failure. Make sure you hold good form, and from there you will begin to see a marked improvement in your strength. But do so once you have mastered your technique, not before.


Effect on your endurance training

During the first 3-4 weeks of your strength training,  if you have taken the time to get accustomed to the movements and optimizing recruitment, you will start to see rapid improvements.

For many endurance athletes, goals are what drives them. Remember if you haven’t done any resistance training in some years be overly conservative in your strategy.

If your primary sport is triathlon, cycling or running, strength training should be applied to your training plan without affecting your endurance training.


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