Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels

Road bike carbon wheels 55/86

Carbon Aero 55/86


Road Bike carbon wheels aero 55

Carbon Road Aero 55


carbon wheels aero 45

Carbon Road Aero 45


aero wheels carbon 50

Carbon Road Aero 50


carbon wheels aero 45 50

Carbon Road Aero 45/50


Roadbike wheelset 35 carbon

Carbon Road Aero 35


aero wheels carbon 40

Carbon Road Aero 40


Lightweight and Aero Carbon fiber Road Bike Wheels

Light and aero carbon fiber wheels have been shown to not only improve your speed but drastically improve your aerodynamics.
Through SportCoaching and affiliate partners, we provide low-cost, and affordable options for you to upgrade your current wheelsets.

Each wheelset features high-tech carbon fiber rims that have been rigorously tested by thousands of cyclists around the world.


Choosing a Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheelset

Each carbon fiber road wheelset is available in 38mm up to 86mm depths and is available in both rim and disc brake versions. This means there is a range of wheelsets that can fit both your road and time trial or triathlon bike.

The most popular combination is the 38mm front carbon rim paired with the 50mm rear wheel. This gives you an aerodynamic profile that is stable in the windiest conditions.