running makes you happier

Running makes you Happier

Running makes you happier is a common saying between athletes. After that long Sunday run, it is usual that you can feel those endorphins kick in. That is why running makes you happier; in the runner’s circle, we call this the “runners high”.

It is well known that physical exercise helps to release endorphins in the brain. It is acting as a natural drug that allows a person to be more energetic. Even though we all have those days struggling to get out the door, exercise still helps protect ourselves from anxiety and depression (Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise). Studies have shown that regular exercise can ease anxiety and stress, which is why many of us runners are addicted to that high weekly mileage.


Offroad Running makes you Happier

Running makes you happier, not because of the endorphin effect but also the freedom to explore. Remember those hidden spots and going on that mini adventure? There is nothing better than exploring new trails that take you to that new and exciting places. While running outside offers many benefits in terms of health and fitness, introducing running into your life can help you both explore new areas, increase your overall fitness and improve your health.

Glasgow Caledonian University recently released a study where 89% of runners that ran regularly said that running makes you happier. They also noted that running had a positive impact, both on their mental and physical side.


Start Running with a Group or Coach

Running and racing, in general, makes you set goals ahead of time. People are known to be much happier this way, and the process from setting a goal and working towards it has been proven to promote happiness. While running promotes better physical shape, it also allows you to feel stronger and able to deal mentally with adverse situations.

Joining the local running club or community is known for being social. Days are gone when you would run those 100km weeks by yourself. The local running club helps brings both support and happiness to those long weekend runs. People, in general, are happier when they have a strong connection to others. Because of this, running makes you happier when your pairs surround you.

Start running today and get the support and guidance from a running coach. SportCoaching is here to help you reach your goals and plan your training around your lifestyle.


Run Happier with SportCoaching

SportCoaching provides a coach to all levels of athletes around the world. We help to balance your athletic and fitness goals around your lifestyle.

Our running coaching service can help you begin running in a safe and controlled way. We can help you get a fit enough to enter an event, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

We can help you start running in a safe and controlled way that helps you to enjoy the process of training and exploring your fitness.


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