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Running For Fitness and A Better Life

Everybody knows about the health benefits that running for fitness can bring. Reduced blood pressure, improved stamina, a high metabolism, a leaner, lighter physique, and lesser risks of developing cancer and diabetes.

Adopting an effective running fitness programs will result in rapid fat loss and improve elasticity of the arteries as a result of increased blood flow. The more elastic our arteries are, the lower our blood pressure will be. Health and fitness also rids our system of cancer-causing free radicals and increased longevity.

The Tarahumara Indians, an ancient, reclusive tribe living in the northwest hills of Mexico has made running a lifestyle and amazingly, are free of the deadly diseases like diabetes, gastro-intestinal cancers and cardiovascular illnesses.

The Raramuri, as they call themselves, (rough translation: the Running People) hold foot races over rocky hills which last for days. Relief organizations have entered the Tarahumara into ultra-marathons and they come out victorious with hardly any effort whatsoever.

For gym rats who doubt the effectiveness of running, the fact that these ancient folks are relatively immortals compared to the life expectancy of the typical American. This should be evidence enough. There is no doubt that running & fitness go hand in hand and that running for weight-loss is the most popular remedy for people who are suffering from excess body fat and high blood pressure.


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Health benefits of running

Running fitness tips are a dime a dozen, but are you aware that most runners have actually gone past going for the health benefits of running and really seek its psychological and emotional benefits.

The majority of long-time runners have become addicted to the feeling of euphoria one gets after a long, hard run.
Known as ‘runner’s high’, this feeling of extreme happiness comes as a result of the release of endorphins. It’s primary purpose though is to let us recover quickly from muscle pain after intense physical activity.

This runner’s addiction, experts say, can even surpass the craving for alcohol and controlled substances. As such, running for fitness can have a much greater effect on ourselves that goes beyond physical. It can help people who suffer from depression, sadness, and heart-ache recover, improve their lives, and achieve genuine happiness.

The only downside to running is the fact that it’s a weight-bearing exercise. It puts stress on the joints of our knees and ankles. If a person has too much excess weight, running can lead to joint pain and injury. Running on treadmills can be a great alternative to outdoor runs. This helps decrease a significant amount of impact on our knees and joints of the feet.

Proper diet and nutrition combined with a smart fitness training program can result in higher metabolism and faster weight loss. Thus reducing the load on our legs when we run and let us avoid unnecessary pain and injury.