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Performance Lab® Sleep

Sleep is as important as staying awake is. In order to stay awake in the right fashion, that is to say, that to stay active in hours spent in wakefulness, it is important for one to have a sound sleep.

The harms of insomnia and sleep deprivation are significantly dangerous. They include:

• Increased weight gain
• Increased risk of getting infected,
• And getting heart diseases,
• And diabetes, etc.


The quantity and quality are of paramount importance as regards health and they affect a person’s cognitive ability and memory. We’ve all experienced difficulty in falling asleep or after falling asleep, having difficulty achieving deep sleep. Thus waking up feeling tired and exhausted as though having not slept at all.

I too had the same issue with sleep. I got to know about a new natural sleep aid from Performance Lab®. It was soon after I had pressed the “buy now” button that the very next day that I was met with a doorbell ringing. I received my package, and at night I took 2 capsules about sixty minutes before getting to my bed.

I started yawning soon after I had lain down on my bed. I closed my eyes, falling asleep in no time. That is all I remember from that night. I had probably had a very deep sleep. I remember waking up an hour earlier than I had set the alarm for.

This made an amazing first impression on me. All went better than I had expected.

Understanding this phenomenon requires one to know Performance Lab® Sleep ingredients and how they each play an important role.




Montmorency Tart Cherry
Melatonin is the primary sleep agent and a naturally occurring source of melatonin. Not only that, It’s also the best natural source of the sleep-regulating hormone. You may be familiar with the term Circadian Rhythm. It’s the natural sleep cycle which can get disrupted by small things and factors we normally let slide, such as screen lights of gadgets, including computer screen or cell phone screens.

Supplementing your daily diet with a naturally occurring source of melatonin (like Montmorency Tart Cherry) displays that it enables your biology to get your circadian rhythm to reset and hence help you sleep almost as soon as you place your head on your pillow.

CherryPURE®, the 50:1 concentrate of tart cherry used in Performance Lab® Sleep, may help you in the following ways:

– It will help you sleep faster
– If will enable you to sleep deeply without interruptions
– It will give the much-needed break your brain needs and lacks
– You will wake blissful
– You will wake feeling energized


Magnesium is one of the elements in the periodic table. It’s a metal whose compounds are essential to our bodies bio-chemistry. Its primary function is that of association in the processes involved with energy production. It is also essential for nerve function, as well as protein synthesis in muscles.

The problem beforehand is that most of us are unable to have enough magnesium intake which our bodies need. We often end up not getting enough magnesium from simply going on about our daily and routine diet. To top it all regular magnesium supplements often fail to do right by its user.

Performance Lab® Sleep takes a finer step and employs to its use 3 different form of magnesium which can be readily absorbed by our bodies. They include:


Magnesium Bisglycinate
Magnesium Bisgkycinate is fairly common among all medical professionals for treating insomnia. According to a clinical study published back in 2012, we found out that this ingredient can significantly improve your sleep time, quality of sleep, as well as helping with early morning awakening.


Magnesium Taurate
As the name reveals, Magnesium Taurate is a combination of magnesium and taurine. Simply put, Magnesium Taurate is popular for offering calming effects by positively triggering your central nervous system to sleep.


BioGenesis™ Magnesium
In order to take it a step further, Performance Lab® has patented its own ‘BioGenesis’ system, which is used to grow and harvest vitamins and minerals. This helps them to mirror the exact structure as whole-foods.

How is it beneficial to the customers? Well, it helps them with adding more bioavailable nutrients compared to their synthetic counterparts that are typically found in supplements. So, while this is the ‘standard’ form of magnesium, it is a more bioavailable version that its synthetic counterpart.


The Japanese company Ajinmoto is the staple manufacturer of amino acid supplements and it is this company that manufactures the TryptoPure® which is a component in Performance Lab® Sleep.

L-Tryptophan is a popular natural sleep aid which is an essential amino acid and an important associate to other very essential chemicals in our brain like serotonin, melatonin, and niacin(Vitamin B6). All of these in correct quantities ensure good and stable mental health.


A Unique Feature: Plantcaps® Capsules

Most sleep supplements in the market are in the form of either vegetarian or gelatin type capsules.

Performance Lab® on the contrary uses Plantcaps® which are fermented tapioca. This method of encapsulation is expensive but the benefits of using Plantcaps is that it is vegan-friendly while also very easy to consume. It readily dissolves upon oral intake.

I personally am not in possession of knowledge of the existence of any other sleep supplement that has this or a similar feature they can boast up on. Plantcaps is featured in the entire supplement lineup of Performance Lab®.



The methods employed by Performance Lab® Sleep are much safer and effective while comparing them to its competitors, most of whom use synthetic melatonin. Granted that for sleep melatonin is an essential substance. Our brain naturally secretes melatonin through the pineal gland.

Performance Lab® Sleep introduces into the body chemistry the necessary substances which result in the user getting the finest sleep quality and quantity upon Performance Lab® Sleep’s usage.

I personally consume 2-capsules sometimes prior to going to my bedroom to sleep, about an hour earlier I suppose. Resultantly, I find myself yawning and dozing off, whereby I settle myself on my bedside, take on the covers to and get cozy. The sleep soon finds its way to me.

Uninterrupted I sleep to blissful dreams, only to wake up feeling good and 24 hours later take 2 capsules again, and have the amazing opportunity to sleep, again using the very best Performance Lab® Sleep.


Superior Night-Time Repair and Recovery

Performance Lab® Sleep provides the body with ample antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to aid muscle and tissue repair during night sleep hours. Addedly, it helps in relaxing the nervous system by steadying the neurotransmission of brain chemicals that needlessly stimulate activity in the brain which prevents the person from getting to sleep.


Better Mood leads to Less Irritability
The major contributing factors in insomnia is anxiety, which paradoxically is reciprocated by insomnia causing or inducing anxiety and irritability. This vicious circle ought to be broken and Performance Lab® Sleep provides the user with just such an opportunity.


Final Word
Performance Lab® Sleep is an absolute requirement for anyone having sleep issues and anyone in search of an all-natural, without side effects solution to sleep problems. It has turned my life around for good and helps me to maintain a healthy lifestyle by managing my sleep. I recommend it to anyone facing problems sleeping.