How To Bet On Cycling In 2022

How To Bet On Cycling In 2022

Those who follow cycling are part of a very privileged group as it’s one of the most intense sports in the world, making it one of the most interesting sports to bet on. Although cycling is only performed in the warmer months, there are interesting events all year round.

Most online bookmakers available in New Zealand now offer cycling events to bet on and in this guide we will give you more detailed information about how to efficiently bet on cycling in 2022. This detailed guide is meant for Kiwis who are interested in both cycling and sports betting and want to go ahead and make their first bet on cycling.

In this complete guide we will tell you more about the betting options, outlining some of the most sought after markets to bet on as there is really a lot more to play for than merely predicting the event’s winner. All together, this should make you an all-rounder or maybe even a fast finisher, with No One Else In The Picture as fellow cyclists would say.


About Betting on Cycling

While cycling might still be one of the less popular sports in NZ’s online betting market, it still offers a nice range of markets available to pick from, particularly around the time of major races like the La Vuelta, Giro d’Italia, and perhaps the most popular events of all, the Tour de France. Most popular online bookers available in NZ offer smaller events to make wagers on as well. Cycling as a sport has all sorts of techniques when it comes to winning. In this guide on cycling betting we will focus on road bicycle racing, mountain bike enthusiasts are recommended to check out our section about mountains.

Nonetheless, cycling, as a betting activity, is not nearly as challenging to understand as the sport itself. The previously mentioned cycle race Le Tour de France consists of professional cyclists who ride around a predetermined course over the span of let’s say 3 to 5 weeks and pass through different landscapes whilst they need to face variable weather conditions and well-trained competitors. Most courses take place in Europe and the team with the most points at the end of these races wins the tour. Points are awarded according to how high a rider finishes. Different sorts of races also award bonus points, making it possible for a cyclist to win an event even if they do not finish in first place.

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Whilst foreign cycling events are usually organised between May and September, when it’s warmer in Europe whilst local competitions in NZ follow our warmer months and are usually held from November to March.


Markets to bet on

The winner of the ride is clearly one of the most popular markets to bet on when it comes to betting on cycling, but there are also other markets that are common to bet on. These include:

King of the Mountains

The cyclist who has managed to stay on top in terms of climbing the mountains gets the King of the Mountains award. The winner of the King of the Mountains award wears the polka dot jersey and points are given based on the status of the mountain. Cyclists will receive the most points if the challenge to complete is more difficult.


Match-ups are all about who of two specific cyclists you reckon finishes the race highest on the general leaderboard. With very few stipulations needed with this type of bet, it’s by far the most popular match-ups market available out there.

Points Classification

The points classification is a secondary competition in the Tour de France, whereby points are given for high finishes in a stage and for winning intermediate sprints, and these are recorded in a points classification. It is widely considered a sprinters’ competition. The points classification is often referred to as the green jersey which is worn by the winner.


Popular Cycling Events to Bet On

There is a nice range of cycling events to place bets on, some of which we have already discussed above. Let’s take a closer look at the main cycling events to bet on.

  • Grand Tours: these are the most popular events for most sports fans and bettors. The Grand Tours are for cycling what the Grand Slams are for tennis. They consist of three popular road races, including La Vuelta a España, Tour de France, and the Giro d’Italia.
  • UCI World Championships: another annual bicycle racing world championship. Often shortened to UCI, the Union Cycliste International organises these races, which consist of various events for both road races and individual time trials.
  • UCI World Championships: races that have different categories, with the winner of each category getting the rainbow jersey. This easy to recognise jersey is largely white with 5 horizontal bands in the UCI colours to be found around the chest. Rainbow jersey colours are now also used in triathlon and speed skating.
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Cycling events in New Zealand

Not as many as in Europa, but there are a few popular cycling events that are held around the country. These are organised as both fundraisers and competitive cycling events:

  • The first time the 160 km Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge was held was in 1977 and the interesting part of this event is that it is non-competitive for the most part. The goal of this event is to raise funds for the local Lake Taupo community. The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge is NZ’s most popular large-scale entry cycling event.
  • The 100 km Le Race has been held annually since 2000 and occurs between Christchurch and Akaroa. Le Race is widely known as a ‘tough hill-climbing event’.
  • The Tour de Vineyards is yet another well known race held in and around Richmond, in the Tasman District Council. The popular race consists of both a men’s and a women’s competition over 4 stages.

The Odds

The best cycling betting odds can typically be found at online sportsbooks as these were forced to favourably adapt their odds due to fierce competitions. Yet it is still important to look around and compare the different odds before actually going ahead and making a real money bet. Cycling betting is more commonly done with a fixed bet. The odds are therefore a set of numbers connected with an individual or a team, making it different from other sports to bet on like rugby or basketball. Doing research and understanding the odds before making a bet is one of the most important steps in a well prepared betting strategy.

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Legal Status of Online Betting on Cycling in NZ

Like online casinos and most other online gambling activities, betting online on cycling is legal in New Zealand provided that the website is located offshore. Online casinos or bookmakers are not yet legalised in the country which is why you’ll automatically play on an offshore website. Despite not having a legal status, New Zealand citizens are not prohibited from accessing offshore casino websites since there is no specific legislation forbidding them from making their wagers on foreign websites.


Betting Sites that Accept New Zealanders

It is very important to bear in mind that, whilst you can bet on different cycling events and markets online, you shouldn’t do this in a fully random way as most bets require real money transactions and winnings can be very big, especially online. In order to smoothen the process, you should make sure to pick a reputable platform and analyse every bet before you make it. Luckily, reputable sports betting platforms are widely available in NZ and provide great odds on different markets. Nonetheless, not all betting sites accept New Zealanders yet, which is why it is essential to pick gambling sites where you’ll place your bets through a portal like Kiwigambler, commonly known as one of the most complete platforms to find trustworthy online bookmakers and casinos from around the world.


Where to Find the Best Betting Sites for Cycling

To find the best betting websites for cycling related events, there are a number of things you need to pay some extra attention to. One of the most important challenges is what we’ve gone through above, to see whether the website offers fair odds on the major events in cycling. A solid reputation with players is also important as most players who become more skilled in betting on cycling want to build a long term relationship with the websites they have an online account with. As most of these websites offer welcome bonuses and other promos it is important to check out whether there are some deals that could help you boost your bankroll whilst you’re preparing for your next breakaway.