running on a treadmill

Calories Running on a Treadmill

A few minute’s workout on a treadmill feels almost like an eternity. The feeling of fatigue makes you hope that you are seriously burning calories. The calories you burn will be determined by whether you run, walk, or jog. Your size is also a determining factor of the calories you are likely to burn.

Remember to meet your health recommendations for exercise, you would need 20 minutes on the treadmill every day. Completing 150 minutes of exercise every week with moderate intensity will improve your health and burn more calories.


How does a Treadmill Work?

Treadmill running is far much easier because one does not experience resistance from the wind. To simulate conditions outside, inclining the treadmill at a 1% degree will give you the feeling of outdoor running.
For a starter, a 0% incline is recommended, and gradually, you can scale up to a 1% degree for some easy-paced up runs. With time you can add the extent of the incline so that you can include a variety of hill workouts.

Inclining the treadmill will help you burn more calories compared to flat running. Setting the treadmill at an incline helps to strengthen your lower body due to the resistance caused by walking uphill.
Most machines incline from 2 to 10 percent or fifteen percent grades at most. The number of calories you burn is determined by the extent of inclination you choose.

Some runners get quite ambitious by assuming that their workout is getting better when they are doing runs with the treadmill inclined to a great extent. Most of these hold on to the rails as if their life solely depends on them, yet the rails are only meant to help you to get on and off the treadmill safely.

As you are choosing the right incline, getting to an extent beyond 7% incline is wrong. The treadmill could have the potential to extend more than that, but that is not enough reason to set the treadmills speed to the maximum. This is because it will certainly cause you too much pain on your hips, lower legs, and your back. This could end up causing you injuries.

Running your entire distance on the treadmill which had been inclined has never been an appealing idea because it will make you prone to injuries.


High Speed Running On a Treadmill

When running on a treadmill for about 20 minutes, all your major muscles will be engaged. Thus building cardiovascular endurance and at the same time, your lungs get challenged. If the treadmill’s speed is one that will make you run, this will definitely increase the number of calories you burn.

When you are running on a treadmill for 20 minutes at a speed of 6mph, you will burn 246 calories. For you to burn 310 calories, you will have to be running at a speed of 7.5mph. This will apply only when you have a weight of 155 pounds. If your weight is more or less than 155 pounds, the number of calories you burn will be less.

Walking on a treadmill will burn fewer calories. Walking briskly can help you burn many calories especially when running is not suitable for your fitness level. Holding onto the machine reduces the activation of your muscles as well as the subsequent burning of the calories, and so you should avoid it.

Basically, when walking on the treadmill at a speed of 3.5 mph, you are likely to burn approximately 99 calories within 20 minutes. This is the case for a person who weighs 155 pounds. If you walk at a speed of 4mph, then you will burn 11 calories.


Interval Training On A Treadmill

This is an excellent and efficient way to burn calories. The American Council of Exercise interval training, compared to the traditional cardio, has the potential to burn more calories since it utilizes both the anaerobic energy system as well as the aerobic energy system.

Interval training consists of short bursts of excessive exercise after which you are required to have a recovery period. The intervals can last for 30 to 120 minutes in which you will run and alternate it with brisk walks. Depending on your level of fitness, there is a possibility of changing the intensity and duration to suit you.

So a 20 minutes interval workout with the treadmill would include a 5 minute warm-up and all-out running for a minute. Followed by a 1-minute rest. Then a 5 minute warm down.