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Enduro mountain biking tips for beginners

Enduro mountain biking is a blend of downhill and vast distances of cross country riding. While it can be an adventure with friends, enduro mountain biking is a fantastic event to race. Below we have added some tips to help you get into enduro racing and help you get stronger for those more extended enduro events.


Enduro Mountain biking tips

Usually, enduro mountain biking events last around five hours. So building your endurance is the key to producing a great result. Training to maintain an effort for extended periods is highly demanded during enduro events, thus increasing your aerobic capacity through long steady rides is advised.

Often riding hard over the weekends is good training, to excel in enduro mountain biking, you must be able to handle multiple days back to back. Training in microcycles (2-3 day blocks) can help you improve both your endurance and aerobic ability.

Focus your long rides over two hours in duration. Once you start to build your endurance, it is recommended that you increase this to 4-5 hours. During these rides volume is more important than intensity, so make sure you fuel correctly and hold yourself back from pushing too hard.


Enduro mountain bike training

Using a heart rate monitor can provide a useful insight into your training. Helping you from pushing too hard and helping you to gauge the intensity during long days riding and enduro events.

Building your engine for enduro mountain biking requires steady-state riding and lots of aerobic fitness. Setting your training zones with a heart rate monitor and sticking with them, will help you to understand your pacing strategy and prevent overreaching on race day.


Downhill during enduro events

It’s essential to work on your downhill riding and skills. Enduro mountain biking events are usually raced over six stages and are raced at full speed. So it is vital to practice your descending skills. If you don’t your overall time will suffer significantly.

A downhill race usually raced down one track. If you are looking at racing an enduro event, you have to complete up to six stages. Often or not, skills are overlooked by many mountain bike riders; this means they usually head out and ride with no thought behind what they are doing. To learn the best lines and sections, this means modifying the approach to corners and technical sections and learn to exit with more speed.


Practice more challenging sections

If you are new to enduro riding, practicing different trail grades will help you build up progressively to more challenging sections. Once you are comfortable with more technical sections, focus then on repeating the segments to improve your speed.

Most trails have graded routes, allowing you to move your way up the graded trails gradually.


Focus on building strength

While enduro mountain bike races are long, this requires you to produce power through rough terrain, sprint up climbs and tackle steep downhills. All of this requires you to have strength and power in the upper and lower body. It is thus helping you to maximize your control of the bike and to speed up your stage times.

Focusing on exercises such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts will help to develop your lower body strength. While chin-ups, inverted rows, and bench press will help your upper body and preventing fatigue during the more extended events.



Enduro mountain bike Coaching

Enduro mountain bike racing is a hard sport to master. Training musch be specific and your endurance must be at a high level to compete. SportCoaching provides customized coaching to all levels of enduro riders and offers unlimited daily contact and daily analysis of your training.


With over 20 years of experience, SportCoaching can help your fitness and race results across all enduro races.


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